Gran Turismo 6: a commitment to PS3′s installed base

During the Gran Turismo 15th anniversary event at Silverstone Circuit today, VG247′s Sam Clay posed a few questions to SCEE president Jim Ryan, such as why the Polyphony racer is heading to PS3 when PS4 is just around the bend.

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ltachiUchiha1984d ago

GT5 with 10 million copies sold im proud of them. Put so much into one game so they deserve it.

darthv721984d ago

sony has been developing a hybrid game in the sense that it is playable on the ps3 as well as the ps4 then GT6 could be that flagship title.

i can see how the bd would be supported on both platforms and depending on the system you put it into, it either runs in ps3 mode or it runs in enhanced/improved visual ps4 mode.

one game to be there for the ps3 owners but also the same game for the new ps4 owners as well. It is very possible and has already been done before.

If sony doesnt create these combo games and pattent the idea then a rival company could.

ThatCanadianGuy5141984d ago

This is why i like Sony.PS4 is right around the corner, they could be putting all their time and devotion to it, but they still support PS3.Ni no Kuni, Beyond, TLOU, GT6.Three AAA new IP's and a megaton in the final year.

Then you look at microsoft and it's like, damn,A barren wasteland.Leaves a bitter taste because it's exactly what they did with the original xbox.I'll never forgive them for that.Buy a year of xbox live, they start closing servers on all games, 360 comes out, no support for xbox, no new games, nothing.It'll be exactly the same again.

NYC_Gamer1984d ago

The original Xbox died because of issues between MS and Nvidia..

Bathyj1984d ago

Nvidia stopped them from making games?

Who stopped them this gen?

Persistantthug1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Microsoft has basically abandoned XBOX 360's core game while it's still in motion and has good life potential......

Same with XBOX 1.

Different reasons.....Same'ish result.

darthv721984d ago

there was no way in hell Ms was going to turn things around for the xbox. We ALL knew that. so their risk to do what they did paid off in the sense that they went full support for the 360.

I have no bitterness towards them because i'm not that shallow to hold any grudges.

If there is one smart thing MS has done with their strategy is not having to compete with themselves. nintendo and sony know that all to well.

Direct competition isnt always black and white (meaning one company vs another). sometimes it is competing with your other products on the market. Every ps2 (or wii) sold is a loss of a sale of a ps3 (or wii-u). obviously it still represents a sale in the overall scope of things but these companies are really wanting to sell more of their latest and greatest product.

If Ms comes out and says the 360 is officially dead and moves forward with the 720 then so be it. I will support it just like i support the wii-u and will the ps4.

MoonConquistador1983d ago

@DarthV - Correct me if i'm wrong, but £1 of profit on a PS2 is the exact same value as £1 of profit on the PS3.

Whilst you argue that it demonstrates focus on the new product, why are you advocating a company forcing you to upgrade.

Sony continue to support those that buy their consoles until they are ready to make the choice to upgrade. If you cant see the difference then you are a blind consumer

darthv721983d ago

no you are not wrong. there is a difference between hardware support and software support.

keep in mind that the slower the adoption rate the slower the release of titles specific to that next platform can happen.

Pulling the plug on the hardware does not automatically mean the software support is dead as well. The games would generally be forward compatible so long as the new hardware was backward compatible.

the same game can serve two platform bases. halo 2 is a good example as it came out near the end of the xbox and beginning of the 360. it was right in the middle and was playable by both sides on the same maps on the same service.

Its only a forced upgrade when the game you want isnt available on the platform you have. that has been the same throughout console history.

MoonConquistador1983d ago

@DarthV - Exactly, you've just proved my point about being forced to upgrade.

My point on supporting the platforms even though you have a newer model out was related to software, not that they keep manufacturing the hardware.

What about Halo 3. Was that made available for both, or did they forget about the people who had bought the original console.

Whilst you make a good argument for having backwards compatibility (and nobody's arguing that), you don't really make any good points on MS continuing to support their original console with games when releasing a new platform.

There will still be big releases for the PS3 even after the PS4 releases.

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SDF Repellent1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Lol at DayZ.

If that helps you sleep better at night, then so be it. Over 300 original Xbox games were Playable on the X360 and Halo 2 was playable online on x360 and it's community was still thriving years after the the release of the x360. Second, speaking of barren wasteland, have you check out Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3 online server lately? Also, with the Next Xbox being BC with the 360, the server for Halo 4, all COD , Gears, and every other games with online multiplayer will be playable on both x360 and the next Xbox. One thing is for sure, since PS3 games arnt compatible with the PS4, so alot of PS3 owners feel cheated by Sony because their Achievement, gamer scores won't be carried over with them, it is like your career record was stolen and you have to start all over, and most likely, a lot of servers for their favorite games will be closed due to the lack of BC to justify the continuation of these servers.

MrBeatdown1984d ago

"alot of PS3 owners feel cheated by Sony because their Achievement, gamer scores won't be carried over with them, it is like your career record was stolen and you have to start all over,"

Are you just making stuff up and hoping it sticks, or are you really that clueless?

PS3 trophies even carried over to Vita. And you think it won't carry over to PS4? Sounds like you've been breathing in a little too much "SDF Repellent".

Shuyin1983d ago

You're a sore douchebag.

trouble_bubble1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

"...speaking of barren wasteland, have you check out Killzone 3 or Uncharted 3 online server lately?"

You mean those 2011 games? Nope. Too busy playing 2013 exclusives like NiNoKuni, Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, GOW Ascension, Guacamelee, Dust514, and gearing up for The Last of Us next month and Beyond Two Souls/Puppeteer/Until Dawn/GT6 later this year. No time for KZ3 with Shadowfall coming too. New games. Wotta concept.

" alot of PS3 owners feel cheated by Sony because their Achievement, gamer scores won't be carried over with them, it is like your career record was stolen and you have to start all over"

I see u forgot when Sony merged up a universal SEN network last year. No one's losing anything between systems. Even PS Vita trophies show up on the PS3 trophy system. They all add to your overall. Some games like PS AllStars and Sound Shapes even give you two platinums. If u had a PS3 or Vita you'd know this.

Root1984d ago

Thats nice but won't those die hard PS3 owners who bought one at launch be getting a PS4 at launch...the ones who were the start up base of your audience on the PS3.

I mean if thats the case then I'm sure they would of bought GT6 on the PS4 aswell

I really hope they go through with the PS4 version since I'm going to hold off to buy that one instead. Least when I finally do play it the time gap between that and GT7 will be reduced.

Minato-Namikaze1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Those die hards will probably still have their PS3's so it wont be much of an issue. I mean this has been sony's track record with both of their transitions, why are people acting like this is something new that they just started.

Gran Turismo 1997/1998 PlayStation
Gran Turismo 2 1999/2000 PlayStation
Gran Turismo 3 2001 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo 4 2005 PlayStation 2
Gran Turismo 5 2010 PlayStation 3
Gran Turismo 6 2013 PlayStation 3

PS2 released 2000
PS3 released 2006

Root1984d ago

"why are people acting like this is something new that they just started"

Probably because times are one expects the same formula to keep repeating after a while. I mean each gen is going to get longer and that will unsettle these kind of release traditions from certain developers.

NateCole1984d ago

root . longer gen means more iteration so in that case it is perfectly logical to have 2 gt for this gen.

Hicken1983d ago

There will most likely be a GT6 for PS4, so feel free to hold off if you want.

But yeah, the people who got PS3s at launch may well buy PS4s at launch; I don't see why this seems to automatically equate to people getting rid of their PS3s with the acquisition of its successor. No offense, but dumping off your old console because a new one came out is a rather casual gamer-type thing to do.

It seems plausible they could do what darth mentioned earlier, having the different versions of the game on the same disc, and whichever console you plug it in is the version you'll play.

I'll probably get both, if it comes out separately. I'm a GT junkie like that.

NateCole1984d ago

When Sony said 10 years they didnt just mean to keep it alive for 10 years. GT6 will not be the only major release left for the PS3. The PS3 is still not 199 yet people.

Me-Time1984d ago

I was skeptical about the 10 years comment, but hmm...nice.

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