Guru3D- Metro Last Light VGA Graphics Benchmark performance test

G3D:In this benchmark review we'll look at Metro: Last Light VGA Graphics benchmark performance with 18 graphics cards. The new title is looking interesting from a graphics point of view. But as a result how will it perform on a selection of different graphics cards ? This review will cover all these basics and then more so you know what choice to make either graphics card or in-game settings wise.

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ninjahunter2034d ago

This games optimized like crazy! I can play on high (tesselation off) at 1366x768 on a 555m GT at 25-45 fps, averaging at 36. And thats with a laptop i5 (dual core with hyperthreading).

And to think their expecting even better performance once they start rolling patches out.

Orpheus2034d ago

This is the article I was looking for. Thnx for posting.