Metro: LL Angry Rant - $5 for Hard Mode?!

"They are charging us $5 for Hard Mode now? WTF?! Preorder crap is getting out of control"

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NYC_Gamer4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

The industry is going downhill with all of this pre order/dlc bull shit

JohnApocalypse4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I thought Deep Silver was better then this

Puty4029d ago

Good example with CDPR doing the same thing FOR FREE. These guys rock.

dazzrazz4029d ago

And that's why ill buy this game used once it hits $20 price.

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The Rise of the Metro Series

A look back at 4A Games' admirably consistent post-apocalyptic shooter franchise.

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14d ago

Metro Video Game Series: A Comprehensive History

The Metro video game series started with a humble b-list title, before building a strong fanbase and becoming a pioneer in the industry.

TheBrainZ105d ago

Never got into Exodus, but 2033 was excellent.

kevco33105d ago

Yeah, Exodus just didn't grab me either, sadly.

I absolutely loved 2033 and Last Light, however. Played them both on 360 and then again with the remasters!

anast105d ago

I just started it and it is already miles better than the first 2 which are dated.


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