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Five Games That Could Turn Around the PS Vita's Misfortunes (Gamerhub tv)

The PS Vita could be doing better...but these five releases will certainly help.

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Christopher4042d ago
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Community4062d ago
gamerlive4062d ago

PS Vita needs a LOT of help.

dedicatedtogamers4062d ago

Y'know, after the DS began kicking the PSP's butt, I remember a lot of people saying "LOL See? This is why you don't challenge Ninty. Dead in the Water handheld" and then the PSP went on to sell 80+ million units.

And before anyone says "that's because of Monster Hunter". Monster Hunter's highest-selling game was Portable 3rd, Japan-only, and it sold less than 5 million. There's a huge gap between 5 million and 80 million.

The Vita will do fine. It's going through the exact same growing pains that the PSP did.

creHEARTive4062d ago

I want a Vita, but there is just no need.

LOGICWINS4062d ago

Just like you don't "need" any gaming console. If you get a Vita, its because you WANT it, not because you NEED it.

CalebZachary84114062d ago

While I agree these games will definitely help. I believe Killzone would be in my top 5 of games that can help the PS vita.

LOGICWINS4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Right, like Killzone 3 helped out the PS3 and Liberation helped the PSP.

*Said no one ever*

Look, Killzone is a great franchise, but its not going to move a massive quantity of units unless its bundled with a Vita at $199 or less. The franchise just doesn't have that kind of selling power.

What will sell Vita is an accumulation of great titles, not one or 5. Last year, numerous N4Gers wrongfully assumed that having a COD game on the Vita would somehow MAGICALLY get people to spend $249 on a handheld.

Guess what? They all had to eat crow.

DarkHeroZX4062d ago

KZ3 didn't help the PS3 much but KZ2 sure did. And KZ on psp was more a tactical shooter and is nothing like any of the other KZ games. I can see this KZ game for the Vita being something huge. A fps with dual analog sticks, console quality graphics and hopefully gameplay, and the full KZ online experience. Like it or not you need great fps games,on top of other platforms, to survive which is something the vita doesn't really have.

Kalowest4062d ago

All those games look great, but unfortunately the 3DS has the MH and SMT series.

CalebZachary84114062d ago

Persona 4 Golden is better than the 3DS SMT series...

Kalowest4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

I have P4G and it's a great game, but I'm still looking forward to SMT 4(It's the first game of the main series, in the last ten yrs) and Devil Survivor 2 Break Record.

God P4 fanboys are annoying!!!

CalebZachary84114062d ago

Well, I'm not a fan boy. I will probably get the new SMT, but I just don't know if it can be better than P4G... I really don't. We will see though.

awkwardhamster4062d ago

Making their memory cards cheaper would go a long way.

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Forget the PS5 For a Sec ! Let's Remember the Best Co-Op Games on the PS3

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Community391d ago
Immagaiden391d ago

Why mention PS5 when talking about PS3

390d ago
Magog391d ago

The load times in retrospect are unbearable but I did have hella fun playing couch co-op with my gf on the PS3 and PS2.

anast390d ago

Couch co-op is the best alternative.

Rynxie390d ago

Resistance 2 co-op was amazing! I wish they would remaster resistance 1-3 and killzone 1-3 for the PS5.

1Victor266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Let me save you the time to scroll down no Warhawk or Starhawk, 2 of the best co-op games on PS3

mastershredder107d ago

Ricardo Irving is one of the best-worst bad guys / mini-bosses ever.


PS Vita Exclusives Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice to Have Servers Shuttered

Sammy: "Two high-profile PS Vita exclusives, Freedom Wars and Soul Sacrifice, will have their servers deactivated on 24th December, 2021. Both titles, published by Sony in response to its loss of Monster Hunter exclusivity, were built around co-operative play, and maintained relatively dedicated communities to this day."

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Community937d ago
Rangerman1208937d ago (Edited 937d ago )

Oreshika is also getting it servers shut down too. Big shame for these games. Honestly some of Vita's gems.