Alex Evans Media Molecule Co-Founder Taking a Gamedev Break

Alex Evans Media Molecule co-founder is taking a break from game development. According to the developer, Dreams is in great hands with a mind-blowing future ahead.

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Rainbowcookie825d ago

Have a good rest mate, but do come back pleez

fr0sty825d ago

Media Molecule are currently among Sony's top developers, even if they aren't taking in top cash. Those who don't own Dreams are really missing out, especially owners of PlayStation VR.

Shameless Plug: Play my VR game in dreams, "We Bowling in VR!" or my other non-VR game, "Missile Commander"!

THC CELL825d ago

Amazing guy amazing team amazing games I wish him all the best

Sophisticated_Chap825d ago

Why? It took them more then an entire generation just to get one game out.

fr0sty823d ago

It took them almost a generation to get the best, most innovative, and most ambitious play/create/share game ever made.