10 New School Beat ‘Em Ups to Play If You Like Streets of Rage 4

GameCrate: "While beat ‘em ups don’t sit atop a throne like they once did, the genre has experienced a renaissance the past few years. Maybe you’ve found your love of the brawler rekindled, or perhaps you’re a newer fan who wants to pummel more fools after playing Streets of Rage 4. Whatever the case may be, here are 10 new school beat ‘em ups worth playing."

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ReignMan_27517d ago

Surprised Mother Russia Bleeds didn't make their list. Great game in my opinion.

jaymacx517d ago

fight'n rage Is missing as well.

Stanjara517d ago

Just bought it. Great game!

Veneno517d ago

Great art design. Not all that great for gameplay. Baseline experience for a beat em up.

SierraGuy517d ago

The takeover wins hands down can't wait for PS release.

Retroman517d ago (Edited 517d ago )

Will try Ninja savior and Double Dragon Neon

BenRC01517d ago

River city girls is excellent!

TheHan516d ago

Love streets of rage 4. I’d even love some DLC for the game or even another installment down the road. Maybe sense SEGA seen the success of Streets of Rage 4 that they may make it into a Triple AAA gaming beat em up title. Similar to the beat’em up favorite of mine back on PS2 called Bouncer. That game was amazing.