Dragon’s Crown designer: ‘I apologize to those who were made uncomfortable’

Kotaku: "In an e-mail to Kotaku, Kamitani explained some of the rationale behind his designs, which picked up a great deal of media attention this week after the artist wrote a note to me on his Facebook wall that featured three shirtless, burly men embracing one another."

Blastoise4077d ago

This entire thing between Kotaku and the character designer of this game is ridiculous.

"controversial sorceress" There is no controversy, Kotaku made it a controversy when the guy insulted the art director and called him a 14- year old boy.

Shes got a pair of tits, get over it.

AHall884077d ago

Really shouldn't expect anything less from Kotaku though.

NewMonday4077d ago

Kotaku could be great if they just stop trolling.

ShinMaster4077d ago

We want games to considered an art medium, yet we have people like this trying to censor the artist. If he wants to draw male and female characters with exaggerated features, let him. Don't like it? Don't play it.

Sexually titillating character designs are not the same as sexist. Sexism is prejudice, discrimination or devaluation of a person based on their gender and Kotaku has nothing on the game that proves this.

ApolloTheBoss4077d ago

Correction: Kotaku could be great if they ceased to exist.

Blacktric4077d ago

I love how some idiots are still acting like this is a serious issue that can be considered "sexism".

A comment made to the article;

"What a bunch of garbage. Jason, you got it right in the first article. This IS sexism. This IS insulting to the large audience. And it IS exclusionary to anyone with a shred of self-respect or intelligence!"

Using cop-out BS like "you don't have a shred of self respect or intelligence if you support this" seems like something a Kotaku reader would write.

SilentNegotiator4077d ago


That's like saying poop would be great if it didn't stink and have high amounts of e. coli. And wasn't poop.

miyamoto4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Like Kamiya said, desperate for hits. Kotaku is a shame for Japanese gaming.

Bimkoblerutso4076d ago

I will never be a proponent of censorship. I feel like people have every right to create whatever they want in the world of art. So in this way, yes, I think the Kotaku article was ridiculous and childish.

Conversely, though, I also think it's funny that people are trying to pass these designs off as anything other than hyper-sexualized fanservice.

See, the problem here is NOT that hyper-sexualization exists in gaming (everyone likes a little sexy time every now and then), it's that the gaming community has become so enthralled in the debate of whether or not this stuff is "sexist" that they end up grasping at straws when the opportunity to defend themselves arises. For instance, I would say that the "homage" that was being paid to classical design was thrown out the window the second the sorceress bent over for us and the staff went up the crack of her ass.

No, it's not SEXIST. Men don't think ALL women should look and act like this. But make no mistake, these designs were made SPECIFICALLY to hook the shallower bits of the male libido, the bits that make us associate beauty with the amount of swelling in the front of our pants.

Do I personally think it's a little too prominent in gaming as a whole? Sure I do. And I think that most gamers would agree if they weren't so addicted to reacting to retarded articles like this one.

But it's also NOT sexist, and it should NOT be censored or apologized for.

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Th4Freak4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

The thing is that he talks about the Sorceress but not about the other characters in the game, they're all equally exaggerated so why didn't he complain about the Dwarf or the Knight?

Abriael4077d ago

It's shameful that an artist was forced to apologize for his art.

But yeah, AHall88 is right. Can't expect any better from kotaku and from the other usual pundits that supported them.

Cryptcuzz4077d ago

Kotaku is the worst when it comes to trolling, over exaggerating, and bad journalism.

If I was a professor lecturing students in becoming a future journalist, I will show examples of what not to do from articles like this from Kotaku.

Flavor4077d ago

The response from the character designer was perfect and required no apology. Don't like a sexy woman? Okay here are some hot mans 4 u.

Apollosupreme4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

They are concealed so no foul.

I personally don't find them sexy. It's a tad to much under the hood for my tastes. Just imagine those things at age forty if she continues to opt for no support. ;)

nukeitall4076d ago


The fact that we focus on sexism, creates sexism. If you ignore it, it will go away and let the people that enjoy that sort of thing enjoy it.

It's called tolerance people! It's not aimed at you directly.

L6RD7BLU34077d ago

I fail to believe that this dude is %100 socially correct in his life, so he shouldn't mouth off like this. It's just the ways of the japanese culture

Donnieboi4077d ago (Edited 4077d ago )

Nothing wrong with boobies, this is a free world and that man should not be pressured to apologize...


OmegaSlayer4077d ago

The writer from Kotaku is an hypocrite.
I wonder if he mails "God" when a girl has big boobs.
He should be banned from the internet.
If you don't like, don't buy. Period.

joab7774077d ago

This is absurd. Write something real. Do ppl actually think like this? What amazes me is that not only did this thought enter his mind but then he wrote about it to get attention and then expected to get a response. This is insane.

On a completely unrelated note, I have written an article about how objectified women are in porn these days. And since its up 250% since 2009, we have a serious problem. I am expecting an answer to my complaints from anyone in the industry any day now so I will get back to ya!

DivineAssault 4077d ago

I think the big a$$ tits gives the chick character just like the elf not having any at all.. Wheres the bitching about that? Some broads have big ones & others small.. Thats just the way the world is; in real life too..

LucinaStar4075d ago

Not that I'm a feminist or anything but is there any reason why you chose to use the word "broads" instead of just saying females?

DivineAssault 4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I treat most women like objects.. (mind you, i said most.. not all) Call me an asshole or whatever but i rarely come across any that deserve better.. When i do, i call them females, ladies, etc but the majority i come across are little more than play things..

nosferatuzodd4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

kotako mean videogame or anime nerd in Japanese language
why kotaku is called that if they hate or so bias against japanese games, they need to change their name to something else .

bigrob9044076d ago

i love those tits so yeah i have no problem with them.

Aaroncls74076d ago

YOU KNOW, when people act like this I can only think of how they are ironically exposing themselves as perverted people.

And being a little of a pervert is actually quite the natural thing; but you don't see everyone yelling:



Note: the art design of this game is amazing, and it only makes sense that the women of this represented time period are as burly and voluptuous as the men.

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cleft54077d ago

You gotta love clueless people that think any depiction of a woman in a highly sexual/suggestive manner is sexist. You know, it would be one thing if only the female character in Dragon's Crown was exaggerated like this, but so are the males. Apparently, showing exaggerated males is no problem at all, but show an exaggerated female and of