Dragon's Crown's Iconic Sorceress Returns With Gorgeous Figure by Union Creative

The sorceress is likely the best-known among the playable characters of Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown, and she's getting a new figure.

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Nacho_Z1500d ago

It'd be worth buying just to see my wife's face when I put it on the shelf.

Fritzwochel1500d ago

Still think they could've gone for even bigger assets

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Forget the PS5 For a Sec ! Let's Remember the Best Co-Op Games on the PS3

If you've come looking for great games, you are in the right place. Here are the best Co-Op Games you can play on the PS3

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Immagaiden394d ago

Why mention PS5 when talking about PS3

393d ago
Magog393d ago

The load times in retrospect are unbearable but I did have hella fun playing couch co-op with my gf on the PS3 and PS2.

anast393d ago

Couch co-op is the best alternative.

Rynxie393d ago

Resistance 2 co-op was amazing! I wish they would remaster resistance 1-3 and killzone 1-3 for the PS5.

1Victor269d ago (Edited 269d ago )

Let me save you the time to scroll down no Warhawk or Starhawk, 2 of the best co-op games on PS3

mastershredder109d ago

Ricardo Irving is one of the best-worst bad guys / mini-bosses ever.


Potential PS3 “Holy Grails” You Should Collect Now

We've rounded up a few PS3 games that show serious potential for big price jumps over the next few years. Could these reach "Holy Grail" status?

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Applejack1185d ago

I have a friend who still has a sealed copy of Folklore. I’m sure it’s worth more now than it was when it released but I’m not sure how much more.

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franwex1185d ago

Bought it for $5 at Walmart. I have yet to play it. But I did open it to look at it. Heh.

phoenixwing1185d ago

the game is actually good. I'd rather buy and play it than keep a sealed copy

Indigon1185d ago

Yeah I gave my brother my PS3 for free with a lot of games but I kept Folklore.

Teflon021185d ago

Folklore is an amazing game. Should have bought 2 copies. 1 to play and one to keep

Seraphim1184d ago

yeah I still have a sealed copy of Folklore too. I almost never do this but I had originally rented it. One day I saw it for like $20 at Walmart so picked up a copy. Always meant to re-play it but just never did. I think in part because it never got trophy support[?]. It was an interesting and unique game that didn't get the love it deserved.

I see Trails of Cold Steel II is tagged. Not sure where PS3 prices sit but the PS4 version of both Trails I and II were around $140 as recently as a little over a month ago. Ended up buying both of them digitally then buying III and IV on disc. Shame I kept putting off buying them. Just a couple months prior you could still get them both for about $45 each. Anyway I'm almost finished with II and hopefully be playing III and IV next.

Petebloodyonion1184d ago

I would suggest using price charting to evaluate the value of a past game.
value for the game new is 60$

Hawk1986661184d ago

Its not worth much, about £20.

monkey6021184d ago

I want Folklore. I've been trying to find it for some time now. It's one of the only games set in Ireland so I've been busting to play it some time

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Godmars2901185d ago

And wait for emulation and/or till their PS3 dies?

franwex1185d ago

3D Dot Game Heroes is a cool game that may soon go up in price too. I enjoyed it.