In Defense of Boobies Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Fantasy

Destructoid: Let me preface this article by stating a few simple facts. I am a young, white, American male who consumes vast amounts of pornography. As such, I am occasionally drawn to depictions of the female form which are perhaps outside the realm of realism, with silicone implants and soft lighting helping to emphasize certain erotic areas.

Am I ashamed of my interest in these depictions? About as ashamed as anyone might be when discussing their sexual interests. However, I am also a logically thinking adult who understands that real women don’t look anything like the bizarre sexual fantasies on my computer monitor, nor would I want them to.

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MuhammadJA2057d ago

lol, in defense of my hornyness is more like it.

fsfsxii2057d ago

Kotaku or whatever that shitty website is makes anything contraversial. And anything Sony related, i've noticed that with Guacamelee and now the Dragon's Crown