Killzone: Liberation Review

The PSP has come under fire for its lack of original games. But every once and a while a title comes along that helps silence the critics. Just look at Locoroco and Spyhon Filter for instance. The same thing goes for Killzone: Liberation. It belongs in the same family of top-tier portable games that argue in favor of high-powered handhelds.

Here's why: Liberation makes great use of the PSP hardware and its capabilities - all of them - to establish its place as one of the best games on the system. Even stripped of its technical achievements, Liberation is simply a very fun action game. It has the kind of accessibility required of a kickass portable title, to start. At the same time - and just as important - it offers the kind of depth missing from most PSP offerings. Liberation has its share of annoying quirks, but even these pale in comparison to the entertainment value evident in the rest of the package.

andy capps6340d ago

Good news. Makes me wish I had a PSP, maybe for my birthday next year. But I'm still hesitant about getting one when it's in the back of my mind that probably very soon they'll be coming out with one that has an internal hard-drive.

Now that this is coming out and is getting great reviews, hopefully they'll start putting out some info on Killzone PS3.

kmis876340d ago

It's going to take a whole slew of great psp games like this to make me consider getting one sometime soon to go with my ds. I have to say that it looks like they did a great job playing to the strengths of the hardware instead of just imitating a console game. If more psp games did this, the psp would probably be more competetive with the ds.

Now that this is out, hopefully we'll start hearing more about Killzone 3.

Shadow Flare6340d ago

i love my psp man. im using it right now to write this comment. And what umd have i got stuffed into it? Only Tekken Dark Resurrection and it rocks. I cant wait to play killzone liberation. It sounds great

There actually are alot of good games for the psp, but i wish they were more like these games and not just console ports. But i cant wait for the psone emulator man, ill be playing Final Fantasy 7 every time my body has to travel


Killzone: Liberation Trophy Guide

Travel to Helghan and take our Killzone: Liberation Trophy Guide with you to help earn your latest Platinum Trophy!

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Rynxie248d ago

Wow, you're way late to the game. I quickly glimpsed at the title and thought a new killzone game. Sigh

andron247d ago

Because the game was added to Ps+ classics. This port of the psp game has trophies now...

vTuro24247d ago

This game was dope. Perhaps I might give it another go.
I just wish KZ Mercenary multiplayer wasn't shut down. feelsbadman

P_Bomb247d ago

Downloaded it! Will run it later this summer. Plat seems reasonable too.


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Sgt_Slaughter2102d ago

If anyone is a physical fan like myself, most if not all the PSP Remasters for PS4 got released in Japan/Hong Kong on disc and there's an English version of each. PS4's region-free so ordering from Play-Asia or eBay will work on your system.

OpenGL2102d ago

I got the physical HK release last year. It works just like any other game but it's significantly more expensive than the digital version. I like physical games though so I thought it would be a neat novelty.


Top 10 Forgotten Sony Franchises

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Gaming’s past is full of wonderful memories, many of which include some of our favorite moments in all of video games and helped shape our current gaming habits. And, thanks to the awesomeness that is the PlayStation, many of these memories can be found in Sony’s franchises. But what happens when a great franchise or IP just disappears? While sometimes its just forgotten, never to be heard from again that’s not something that we here at Link-Cable can bear the thought of. So for this week’s Top 10 we are taking a look at the Top 10 Forgotten Sony Franchises and also crossing our fingers that someone with the power to bring these back just happens to stumble across this list."

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PhoenixUp2204d ago

Don’t forget Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy, Legend of Dragoon, Freedom Wars, Invisimals, Lemmings, Modnation Racers, Pursuit Force, Resistance, Siren, Soul Sacrifice, Mark of Kri, & Wild Arms

darthv722203d ago

To be fair, many of those are not forgotten. They just ran their course while others were not given the respect they deserved to garner a continuation. Games that are one-offs probably had no intention of making them into series but I do wish they would rethink that. Some deserve to be given a follow-up.

UltraNova2203d ago

Agreed. Maybe Sony can contract Bluepoint to remaster Heavenly Sword, see people's reaction to the game and decide wether to give the go for a sequel.

Also Lair can be remastered es as a PSVR game and take it from there.

2203d ago
Michiel19892203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Legacy of Kain would fit right in there, although sony has no rights to that IP as far as I'm aware.

Ah later instalments were not sony exclusive, so dont mind me sir :p

Xenophon_York2203d ago

Remaking the very first Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen would be amazing.

MWH2203d ago (Edited 2203d ago )

Maybe one day the coin will land on its edge.

Michiel19892203d ago

I'd prefer Soul Reaver but Blood Omen would do just fine as well

Godmars2902203d ago

To be fair, Wild Arms did run its course, was effectively run into the ground, going by example of last entry using characters from all games. Being an STG title on the PSP.

Could always revive the western/steampunk setting.

_-EDMIX-_2203d ago

I know right! I'm still waiting for someone at Sony to make the Getaway 3 lol

I always wondered what the PlayStation 3 version was going to be like.

SuperSonic912203d ago

CTR Remake please. Best kart racer ever made by Naughty Dog

Rangerman12082203d ago

Finally someone mentioned Soul Sacrifice, Siren, Legend of Dragoon, and Freedom Wars. Those games are in desperate of a new installment. Especially with Folkore.

Sitdown2202d ago

Lemmings is a PlayStation franchise? I would say Battle Arena Toshinden.

frostypants2202d ago

Lemmings was a franchise waaaaay before even the PS1 saw the light of day. Nobody's forgotten it.