MGS4 Confirmed 50GB Blu-ray?


"It was revealed last month that a Blu-ray disc wasn't big enough to hold all languages for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 4. Since all previous Playstation 3 games have resorted to the more constricted 25GB Disc, it was unclear whether MGS4 was to stray from this trend.

In a Konami retailers meeting yesterday, it was exposed that the game would be produced on a 50GB Blu-ray disc. "

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mighty_douche3870d ago

Oh, i heard it was fitting on 25gb, no worries...


Breakfast3870d ago

thats a huge ass game...imagine mgs 5 on the ps4

mighty_douche3870d ago

MGS4 is the last MGS :( or :) I'm not sure which it should be?

Breakfast3870d ago

ooo...i didnt know... i hate it when big games like this and halo have an ending. Hopefully we'll get a spinoff or something...a GOOD spinoff

Meus Renaissance3870d ago

It's the last with Snake. Not the discontinuation of the franchise.

MURKERR3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

dont we all just feel like applauding sony for the risk they took in putting bluray in every console

it was a gamble that could and nearly DID bring down their empire, getting bashed from every website known to man.

lots of people say microsoft have eggs on their faces its not just microsoft its numerous websites who are also eatin humble pie

tidus0073870d ago

damn so good to own a PS3

not only you have the best game for 2008 but it is CONFIRMED TO BE EXCLUSIVE too

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3870d ago

Last Metal Gear SOLID. But there will be more Metal Gear (insert title)to come hopefully.

liquidsnake3870d ago

I know what you're saying mate. But I wan't worried, never. Sony is a big f''king company who has been around for decades. I think they know alot better what they are doing than some random yaahoo from a random website.

c-redz3870d ago

why did games leave cartridge... we would have no worry about how much it can hold!!! might be a little bigger but sh*t you could have like a year long game on one of those 1 TB cartridge

cmrbe3870d ago

I think meus is right. In any case.Future MGS without Snake is going to be tough for me. I'll ware a black arm band for a week in remembrance if he dies in MGS4.

sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

MGS4 confirmed GOTY (lol opinion)
Well 50Gb is a lot of data. Let me clarify all mgs4 cut scenes have ALWAYS been done in real time so i don't expect to see anything but. This is going to be the biggest of the 3 games. For sure there will be tons of cinematics but the gameplay should be longer this time around. Overall a fantastic game i can't wait to play.

ps3 haters disagree all you want, MGS4 still remains exclusive

f7ss13870d ago

thats completely outrageous, that about the size of a small hardrive haha

sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

How could they have made this game multiplatform??? Think of how the quality would have suffered. Nice to know they are nearing release though.

lol @breakfast how am i turning it into a flame war. The reason why COD4 got so much praise was what it was able to achieve on both platforms. If mgs4 had been built on both consoles, something would have had to give for sure. Kojima would have been forced to tone down his dreams and aspirations for this game. Even though he still had to tone it down for 40GB. Since future 100GB blu ray will be compatible with ps3 i wonder if anyone will ever use that

Breakfast3870d ago

Thanks for the info guys....

@ Sonarus
Dont turn this into a flame war

Glad to be a gamer3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Sony really did go out on a limb to push the industry forward and i commend them for it.

But my only worry is that Br may not be the right direction as far as games are concerned. I say this because of the read times of br drives. This has meant that games cannot be compressed and to get them to run at a good frame rate a large part of the disc must be saved to the hard drive. I mean if mgs4 can't fit on a normal Br disc whats gonna happen in 3-4 years time.

Anyone got a view on this?

I am hoping that mgs4 will be bigger and better than ever but uncompressed video plus uncompressed sound for various languages will take up a fair bit of space. Not to mention the uncompressed game its self.

Glad to be a gamer3870d ago

Man i can't believe it's almost here.

Genesis53870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

The size of a small hard drive. It's 2 1/2 times the hard drive size of a 360 pro.

meepmoopmeep3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

i see where you're going with this and i agree, but i have a feeling this and future gen consoles will require a standard HDD for caching and consoles will soon become much like PC's with initial installs. I think they should try to find a better faster alternative for the next gen.

Cartesian3D3870d ago

damn it kojima.. why MGS4 is the last in series? :(
with firmware update PS3 games can be on 100GB Blu-ray..

and anybody knows.. that MGS4 will be the first 50GB game in history ?
such an EPIC ending ( sad but EPIC )..

Glad to be a gamer3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Yeah i suppose the hard drive will be the key. I was pissed that ms did not make a hard drive mandatory as games like pgr 4 could of done with it. i mean pgr3's dynamic light effects were amazing but they scrapped them for 4 for static lights placed round the maps because of lack of space.

Don't get me wrong the game is still great looking but it could of been even better.

Im just hoping that br's slow read times can be combated by hard drive caching as i for one am expecting great things from Sony. Just don't want to be disappointed. For me if Mgs4 and GT5 lives up to expectations then my mind will be put completley at ease.

nsky1713870d ago

When reading Single Layer DVD, the xbox 360 will read faster then the BD drive on PS3.
But when Reading double Layer DVDs, the xbox 360 will be slower then the BD drive on the PS3.

most games on the xbox 360 are double layer now.

Mu5afir3870d ago

MGS 4 is not the last MGS game, it is probably the last game with Snake as the main character. Kojima already stated that if there is demand for another game, he would be more then willing to make it.

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skynidas3870d ago

This game will be awesome, if it needs a 50gb disc, it means that is a large game maybe 20-25 hours...CANT WAIT!!

socomnick3870d ago

Well it could also mean that it is uncompressed. I expect a 10 hour game It will probably be around the same length as previous mgs games.

Vertius3870d ago

You get through an MGS in 10 hours? MGS3 took me 26 hours to complete.

LJWooly3870d ago

When you get past all the cutscenes in MGS games, there's usualy about a 10-hour game there :)

COD4 and Halo were both about 5 hours each, and everyone loved those two, which goes to show that the length of the game doesn't matter all that much, as long as it has something to back it up.

COD4 makes up for having one of the best campaigns ever and a great online, while Halo made up for it with the online.

As long as MGS4 carries on the usual awesomeness, I'm happy.

bakasora3870d ago

MGS3 took me 24hrs, not mentioning the continues..

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eagle213870d ago

There is a gaming heaven....Kojima, thank you kind sir....

athlon7703870d ago

It does not say the game uses 50gb of space, simply that it is using the 50gb disc. The last I read they were trying to get it down to use the 25gb disc so even if the game is only 26.2gb, it is going to use the 50gb disc.

"Many presumed that Kojima decided to go with a 25gb Blu-ray disc to save on costs, but it was yesterday revealed in a Konami retailers meeting that the game is the biggest of the series, and will be presented on a 50GB disc"

Still very cool to hear that there is so much content to require the use of a 50gb disc. Sony is def smiling now showing that the Blu-Ray drive was and is the correct choice for future gaming.

tweaker3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

Athlon, I'm guessing they actually did fill an entire 50gig BR for MGS4. We wouldn't hear problems from Kojima about the exclusion of Japan voiceovers in NA versions and vice versa if they only used 26.2 gigs.

Burekman3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

From what I understand, they don't have enough space to fit japanese voice over on that 50 gig blu-ray. So they must have come pretty close to filling it up.

What your saying is voice overs take 20GB of space? That just doesn't sound right.

ZeroXMD3870d ago

Actually, not that long ago, they said that they had to make some cuts to the game so that they could fit it all onto the 50gb blu-ray. Really, this article is kinda old. but yea, they said that about a week ago. so this game is going to take all 50 gigs of the disc. Heck, kojima requested a dual layer blu-ray about half a year ago because he had already filled the single layer.

athlon7703870d ago

I stand corrected. I just can't see voice over taking so much space. wierd. I read the article totally different. If you guys say it is confirmd that the 50gb of space is being used, then I say that is both cool and troubling. Only a year and a half out of the gate, and games are already filling up a 50gb disc. Sorry, that still does not sound right. I just can not believe they filled up a 50gb disc!

I am very supprised about that.

ZeroXMD3869d ago

but in that article i read, he said that he had already filled the single layer with just the audio. I'm not sure, but if that is the case, i could see that only if there is an absolute shht-load of battle-field noise. Cause this game will be on a battle-field alot so there could be alot of different voices. This IS kojima, and he likes to go all out. I could see him thinking "too many games have too little different pedestrian/extra's voices. Lets get a crap load, like over 150 different people to do the voices of the different soldiers and different sounding explosions, not the same old ones. We have a crap load of space, so lets fill as much as we can." In a way, it goes along with how he said this game has to do with "sense". So he prolly wants to overwhelm your senses.

Again, not for sure, wish i could find the article, but that's how I see it. But Kojima is my writing idol so I'm a little bit bias when it comes to him. (I'm a starting-Author)

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SeanScythe3870d ago

Talk about sweetness! Just to think we get to unleash this beast on our PS3's. Then off to online battles. Can't wait to play this game in it's HD glory in june.

techie3870d ago

That's if they actually knew it was....Konami officials in the meeting that is. i don't know if this really is confirmed. Hm

Keowrath3870d ago

Deep, quick question off topic (kinda) Have you Photoshopped Drake into Big Boss? =)

techie3870d ago

Drake has been Snakefied :)

Loor3870d ago

@keowrath it's from a hilarious thread at neogaf "MGS4 - Snakify your Avatar ~ OP has them all!" Laughed my ass of at work while reading. Some really nice GIFs

back to topic. 50GB ?? uncompressed sound and vids + bose surround sound system = win !