Guns of the Helghast Ascend Atop Aurora

Hail Helghast & Human readers alike!  Welcome to another Guns of the Helghast Friday PS Home Event. What follows is a descriptive review of the Aurora 1.7 PlayStation Home public space followed by our Home club's activities therein.

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Jim Ryan Praises PlayStation Home for Being '10-15 Years Ahead of Its Time'

Other "game-type metaverse" projects in the works

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Jin_Sakai241d ago

Would love PlayStation Home 2 on PS5 with seamless transitions between different areas.

-Foxtrot241d ago

Yeah, although I’m worried if it does come back idiots will say it’s jumping on the metaverae trend not realising it did this years ago

zeuanimals240d ago

They'd have a hard time doing that if it's called Playstation Home 2. That raises the question of what the first one was.

Si-Fly240d ago

You’ll enjoy life much more if you stop worrying about what other people think :)

darthv72241d ago

...in VR2 would be awesome as well.

Godmars290240d ago

Given you're talking about online speeds and connectivity, not the PS5 itself, you're not escaping loading screens.

Tacoboto240d ago

SSD speeds so quick you could open a door in PS Home to walk your Avatar through a portal to launch a game.

They could do something like Peach's Castle in Mario 64 and your library of titles are the portraits

ChiefofLoliPolice240d ago

Agreed wholeheartedly. Playstation Home was amazing!

ThEusAisPoisonous240d ago

You’re being silly. It was stupid as shit.

Ashunderfire86240d ago

Second Life did that before everyone.

1Victor240d ago

@ Jin:” Would love PlayStation Home 2 on PS5 with seamless transitions between different areas.”
I second that plus a vr option added to it

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gold_drake241d ago

it really was.

miss it.
it had alot of potential.

Inverno240d ago

There's still IMVU and Second Life but they're not quite like PS Home. Btw folks the Home restoration project is still going and they have brought Home back online through the PS3 emulator. So if y'all interested in goin back HOME there's that.

Yui_Suzumiya240d ago

I'm interested! I was wondering if that project was still live or not.

Elda240d ago

If he praises it why did Sony shut the app down.

Jin_Sakai240d ago

He just said it was ahead of its time. Super slow HDD made it awful when traversing areas.

OptimusDK240d ago

It was trash 🗑️ and it still is. Walking around to go into stores etc is cringe and makes no sense at all. The hype around metaverse is totally overblown

Jin_Sakai240d ago (Edited 240d ago )


You don’t speak for everyone. Many people enjoyed it. But I do agree with the Metaverse being overblown.

__SteakDeck__240d ago

@OptimusDK You don’t know what you’re talking about. This was a good place to meet people.

Majors240d ago

As good as it was It missed the opportunity of becoming huge... Imagine if just eat or similar and you could order food from within checking out menus of local restaurants, Or items direct from Amazon etc whilst in shop in game checking out the items in real time, or even clothes from your favourite shops. The thing could have been Enormous ! I realise it could be dangerous in over spending but hell kids max out parents cards on fortnite, just need to keep control of them.