Swedish Mag Reviews - Slams Dark Sector 6/10, Lost Planet for PS3 And More

Swedish SuperPLAY gave Dark Sector 3/10 and this is what Gamereactor thinks:

Dark Sector
+ Nice graphics, huge bosses, some cool ideas
- Boring stages, stupid enemies, lots of bugs

Lost Planet (PS3)
+ Good looking theme, good action, unbelievable boss battles, loads of variation
- Too easy, bad framerate, not too sharp graphics

House of the Dead 2&3 Returns
+ Shooting is entertaining, funny cutscenes
- Extremely repetetive, too short, worthless sound
Graphics 4
Sound 2
Gameplay 7

Bully 7/10
Sega Superstars Tennis 5/10
House of the Dead 2&3 Returns 5/10
Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3) 8/10
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn 7/10
Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 6/10
Turning Point 3/10
Patapon 9/10
Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity 6/10
Fifa Street 3 6/10

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decapitator3963d ago

Oh boy, not looking good for that game. Like I said, the first game to get revealed before this gen began and yet it still isn't out yet. Guess they showed the game just too freaking early.

Cwalat3963d ago

its not that they showed it early, its that they actually toook soo freaaakin long time on coming up with the PERFECT character, but then forgot the rest,

jackdoe3963d ago

Yeah, not looking good, though who knows, Americans may like it better. But still, when a one year old shoddy port is more liked than a new game, then you've got some issues with that new game.

Richdad3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

I thought this attempt will give D3 a new rise but they still have to improve. Although I was not expecting much from the game but some people where like getting crazy for it. Although its a bad review but I dont think Dark sector would a AAA or AA game as per critics even if other reviews are better.

skynidas3963d ago

i dont understand this first it says that it gave Dark Sector 3/10 but then it says 6/10 so which one is the real one

decapitator3963d ago

It 6/10. A difference magazine gave the game 3/10.

Lord Vader3963d ago

Dark Sector
+ Nice graphics, huge bosses, some cool ideas
- Boring stages, stupid enemies, lots of bugs

= not good


darkwing3963d ago

reminds me of Jericho, more hype as usual....

Blademask3963d ago (Edited 3963d ago )

What did you guys expect?

Haven't you noticed that all multiplats are suffering from the same problems?

1. They all look generic and bland. Either they rip off the Unreal engine, or just make a 1/2 ass engine that has to run on the 360 core w/o hdd.

2. They have stopped making graphical progress since 2006. Why is it that the multiplats of 2008, look the EXACT SAME as multiplats from last year? Rainbow 6 2 anyone?

These devs think they can spend 0 time creating a game, creating bigger and better graphics, better sound design, bigger worlds, and well not THINK, they KNOW they can do that, and sell it for 60 f`ing dollars and morons still pay for it.

You don't get it, if you buy these terrible games:

Army of 2
Assasins Creed
Dark Sector
Kane & Lynch

It really is just solidifying for the devs that they can get away with terrible bugged games that they can always just release "updated" patches for.

2008 is going to be a very bad year for Multiplats. Sony is doing their part with releasing great exclusives titles that can be used as a substitute. MLB2k is a great example of a failure on the multiplat behalf, and MLB08:The Show shows you how its done when you actually get out of the "profit only' mindset, and back into a quality product AND get a nice profit. Devs are treating us like we are just blind idiots who buy every single shooter out, then they criticize US for not getting their vision.

Turning point BLEW ASS, Frontlines BLEW donkey, but it was only an advertising budget away from being in the spot Army of 2 is. I'm not saying all graphics need to be on the level of Uncharted, but christ they need to make an improvment from the previous titles, as well as gameplay mechanics. I shouldn't be able to play a terrible multiplat on a low range PC. What part of "next gen" sense does that make? Everyone bought into this generation based on bigger and better games, its about time multiplats start showing why they deserve a 60 dollar price tag.

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The story is too old to be commented.