Which Smash Bros. Brawl Controller is Best for Pummeling Pikachu?

TVGB: "Part of the reason I've fallen in love with it despite my initial reluctance is that the game is so freaking huge. Look at this list: 35 characters, 41 stages, Classic mode, SubSpace Emissary, Target Test, Home Run Contest, All Star Mode, Boss Battle, Stage Creator, and Online Multiplayer. Not to mention hundreds of trophies and stickers to collect, daily stage updates from Nintendo, a very notable and diverse soundtrack, and the challenge of mastering as many characters as you can. I love trying to unlock everything the game has to offer."

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sumfood4u3975d ago (Edited 3975d ago )

Just needs the Rumble Effect like Gamecube controller an its all Good!
G.Luck SSBB when we meet online, lets have Fun!

ElementX3975d ago

In your profile, THOSE is spelled wrong.

Smudge26263975d ago

I don't think this counts as a fair review of the best controller for Smash Brothers if the author doesn't even have a GameCube controller. A review claiming to be about the best controller should include all four available play styles. I enjoyed the rest of his review, the headline is just misleading.

BenderDGreat823975d ago

i 100% agree. i wrote on that website the same thing (before i read your comment) that i think it's pretty stupid to write an article as to which controller scheme works best when you don't have all of them to test them with. dude, they're like $5 right now!

wohoo3975d ago

that wasn't a "review", he was asking what everyone was playing with, and just stated his preference as well.

I'm planning on playing with GC controller though

RecSpec3975d ago

Ironically just a while ago they discontinued it. Now they are expensive as hell!

SovereignSnaKe3975d ago

will the rumble function be usable with the gamecube controller?

I wish i had bought a wave bird, i think my circuit city still actually has them, I do still have one wired gamecube controller. But i think I may opt for for the classic controller....unless there RUMBLE!

LeonSKennedy4Life3975d ago

And...that's the best avatar I've seen in a long time. Were you a Sealab fan too?

1-800-4MY-XBOX3975d ago

1-800-4MY-XBOX for all your coffin needs.

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