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Blast: "Dead Space 3 is a finely crafted sequel. It fixes things that stood out as annoyances in previous games and continues the standard carved by its predecessors. It borrows heavily from horror classics while producing some ridiculously awesome set-piece action scenes. Not only does it do the Dead Space franchise justice, it sets the bar for any horror/action game. Grab a friend, crank up the stereo and turn off the lights, this is a bonafide game of the year candidate."

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sephy2058d ago

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I AGREE.

rezzah2058d ago

What is MP like?

I plan on buying it but can't get a copy soon.

MasterD9192058d ago

Not sure if there is an actual multiplayer. It's co-op as far as I can tell.

There are certain missions in-game that are strictly co-op, so I imagine that it's akin to what a co-op playthrough is.

It's a good game though. I really loved the first portion of the game in space.

2058d ago