Dead Space 3 guide: Easy Hardcore mode, best weapons, exploits, and Peng

The only thing scary in Dead Space 3 is how easy it will be with these tricks and exploits.

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SybaRat2172d ago

Dead Space has sniper rifles now? Because you get to sneak up on necromorphs instead of the other way around?

darkronin2292171d ago

I'm frankly amazed that anyone's able to even find those damn Peng stuff in these games.

konnerbllb2171d ago

I found peng in the first game on my own without looking for it. I just kind of saw a light object down below a walkway and grabbed it.

I had to look up where it was in DS2, impossible to find unless you were goofing off in that area of the game.

I look forward to searching for it in DS3 as well.