Dead Space 3 Review | IGN

IGN: "Dead Space 3 has some glaring problems, but the combat and the stunning presentation make it well worth playing."

FATAL1TY4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Dead Space: 8.7

Dead Space 2 : 9.0

Dead Space 3: 7.8

Good_Guy_Jamal4130d ago

Dead Space 1 : 88% (PS3)
Dead Space 2 : 90% (360)
Dead Space 3 : TBD
IGN have been pretty spot on on this series so far

theBAWSE4130d ago

what I've mainly been reading is dead space 3 is diluted it has an identity crisis doesn't know if its survival horror or a bit of uncharted or gears of war

trust in naughty dog to bring survival horror back with the last of us just like they did with action adventure

Revolver_X_4130d ago

Spot on? IGN gave RE6 a 7.9. By that logic, RE6 is better then Dead Space 3. Yea... stop drinking the cool-aid.

JP13694130d ago

Where can I buy cool-aid?

Hydralysk4130d ago

I REALLY wouldn't try and use Metacritic as an accurate description of a games worth...

SilentNegotiator4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

7.8 is 0.1 points under the current N4G submission average. So IGN is probably pretty close to what the Metacritic average will be.

yeahokchief4130d ago

Yep unlike game informer they werent handed piles of money. So the review isn't completely whack.

No real gamer believes for a second that Dead Space 3 is a 9.75. Shitty sellout game reviewed by sellouts.

4129d ago
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Dwalls11714130d ago

Never could really get into deadspace, this is maybe a rent in the summer time.

Merrill4130d ago

Dead Space 2 is not in anyway shape or form superior to Dead Space 1, unless your favourite game list include Gears of War or only action games in general.

HarryMasonHerpderp4130d ago

The first game is easily the best.

Jaces4130d ago

True but DS2 was beyond my expectations as far as keeping the horror. Though DS1 will reign as the best, haven't been scared that bad since forever.

first1NFANTRY4130d ago

so in other words they went backwards. not a good sign, i loved the original DS.

Urusernamesucks4130d ago

"so in other words they went backwards."

Dead space 2 showed improvement from Ds 1, this is more of a set back

Root4130d ago

I dont believe it, the ones who are truthful are IGN.......have I stepped into another world

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d0nT wOrrY4130d ago (Edited 4130d ago )

Hmm.. I will try the demo later on today. I really hope to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed DS2.

LOL_WUT4130d ago

The first half was decent some nice tense moments but the rest of it sucked badly.

ErazorDJ4130d ago

DmC Rip, Resident Evil Rip, also Dead Space Rip? probably..

jimbobwahey4130d ago

It's a shame but that's what happens when publishers decide that they'd rather change a franchise to appeal to new players rather than catering to the fanbase that they do have.

Greed kills great franchises.

ErazorDJ4130d ago

is the devastating effect of Call of Duty

Hanso4130d ago

your comment makes me sad..
also dont forget Ninja Gaiden and Final Fantasy

TheTwelve4130d ago

Final Fantasy Rest in Pieces....

Blacktric4130d ago

Silent Hill also...

And the fear of same thing happening to Dark Souls II...


Double_O_Revan4130d ago

While I have no intention to buy this game any time soon or new thanks to the unfavorable changes they made, in what world is a 7.8 a 'bad' score?

LOGICWINS4130d ago

^^It's the Internet, where logic and reason are optional. Every game that scores under a 9 is a "flop".

iMaim4130d ago

Yeah I had my doubts with the 9.75 from GI and my own impressions of the demo. The guys at GI must really like Doritos.