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AusGamers was given the opportunity to be the first publication in APAC to review Dead Space 3 and writes:

"An incredibly deep and expanding story and much of the Dead Space feel returning, albeit turned down a little, as well as all the new systems and elements will definitely divide fans, but may be more accessible to newcomers, which is always welcomed with such a rich franchise. Even with the familiarity this delivers a monstrous amount of satisfaction..."

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SOD_Delta4129d ago

Nine out of Ten? I find that hard to believe. Eights and Nines are thrown around lightly for most popular games. Don't misunderstand me I'm sure Dead Space 3 is a good game, But I highly doubt It's a "near perfect" game. It would be nice to see more realistic reviews on video games. This is all obviously my opinion.

Bumpmapping4129d ago

Guess his check cleared 9.0 it is!

konnerbllb4129d ago

My thoughts exactly. Just in time too because he just ran out of that BO2 review money.

Old McGroin4129d ago

Here come the tinfoil hat brigade! Here we have the usual bile spewing about how reviewers are all paid off and there's no such thing as a good game because every review is bought. That is of course unless a reviewer gives a poor score, then he's being honest. Please.

4129d ago
N311V4129d ago

I somewhat agree with you. I too feel that review scores for AAA games are on the high side but isn't that to be expected. Anyway, you just need to take into consideration the high scores when interpreting the quality of the game. For me 9 doesn't mean "nearly perfect" anymore, my scale is something like 8.5-9 = very good, 9-9.5 = excellent, and 9.5-10 = near perfect.

jeeves864129d ago

Of course. Heaven forbid that it might actually be a game worthy of a 9/10. Let's just call the reviewer a hack before we've had a chance to play the game ourselves.

Come on now...

SOD_Delta4129d ago

Nowhere in my previous comment did I call the reviewer a "hack". I simply stated my opinion that I believe popular games get outstanding reviews because they're popular. And that I doubt Dead Space 3 is worthy of a nine out of ten. I'll find out tomorrow.

Anzil4129d ago

soooooo truee! This SOD_Delta is just a little bitchy!

jeeves864128d ago

LOL, no you didn't explicitly state that. But why do you think the reivewer gave it a 9/10? Do they just get really excited about games? Or that they were paid off?

Either way, a hack.

Browngamer934129d ago

Na, it's just that you obviously want this game to fail......epicly.

HBK6194129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

The review is incredibly poorly written I'm not surprised at the score. It actually feels like it has been translated by Google translate from some other language it's that poor.

The sentence structuring and words used are often so vague that you can't understand what's being said and the unnecessary thesaurus word implants (no doubt to attempt to look smart) just add to that confusion.

Take the opening paragraph for example:

Starting off your review with "Since its introduction with the first game" is absolutely horrible English. Simply change "its" to "Dead Spaces' " (take "Dead Space" out of the very next part as well) and the review doesn't start out on such a bad note. You never start anything with "its" unless that "its" has been established prior to referencing that thing otherwise your reader is instantly confused as to what the "its" is.

Then "This third in the main line of games"...does this one even need explaining? "This third in the main line of games" me English write good.

Followed up by 'and continuation of the centre story'. What centre story? What's a 'centre story'? Is this a building? Is it narrative based?

'is certainly very much narrative driven' more horrible English. 'Is certainly very much' wha?? "Is certainly narrative driven" works 'Is very much narrative driven" works "is certainly very much" makes no damn sense.

Then bringing that whole sentence together as 'This third in the main line of games -- and continuation of the centre story -- is certainly very much narrative driven -- a standout element of the overall product and one that delivers ten-fold.' The '--' is generally like parentheses and should be able to be taken out to form a proper sentence. To which if we do that, we get 'This third in the main line of games a standout element of the overall product and one that delivers ten-fold.'.....far out.

The doubling up of the '--' adds more confusion as to what you're reading as well mind you. Which part is meant to carry on to the next? Because none of those within the '--' carry on to form any kind of proper sentence.

I can't read the rest of this grade 2 dribble that makes the English language bow its own head in shame.

Oh god, I read on "Isaac’s desperation is attemptedly built"


The_Klank4129d ago

You could of just ended your comment with the very 1st paragraph. Sometimes less is more.

cyguration4129d ago

Didn't you know? The review is written in Aussie.

/Problem Solved

jeeves864128d ago

It is possible to use 'its' when starting a review/article, provided that you use the name of the subject matter. For example, "Since its introduction, Dead Space..." I agree that "since the first game" in that very sentence is redundant.

You wrote Dead Spaces' instead of "Dead Space's." You also use apostrophes where you intended to use quotation marks (I think). 'Centre' is a regional spelling of "center." It means the main storyline.

"This third in the main line of games," can be fixed with a well-placed comma.

You also started a sentence with 'because.' That is improper. You also use too many ellipses at one point in your comment.

If you're going to be an English snob, you'd better be sure your own comment is correct.
Besides, who the fuck cares? The_Klank is right, you could have, no, 'should' have stopped with the first paragraph.

HBK6194128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

"You wrote Dead Spaces' instead of "Dead Space's." You also use apostrophes where you intended to use quotation marks (I think)."

That one was just a confusion of me quoting and re-writing it several times to the point where I got the apostrophe mixed up (I wrote that one in late is what I'm saying - the simply change it to...etc.). However, you also used apostrophes where you intended to use quotation marks in your own post. ;)

The 2nd part to your comment about the "centre story" wasn't me mixing up "centre" and "center" as since I'm an Aussie I use the former term as well. My issue was that "centre story" isn't a turn of phrase, thus a confusing phrase to use (especially in context of where it is in that sentence). I get that I can put two and two together for something regarding a game, but just do it using an actual phrase that people can understand than "centre story" which has never been said by anyone before.

Lastly, I'm not writing for some publication claiming to be a professional outfit. The grammar, sentence structuring and overall form of writing in this review is deplorable. The last part to my post shows that extremely well:
"Isaac’s desperation is attemptedly built..."

How can you take a review seriously, when the written content obviously isn't serious in and of itself?

As for "who the fuck cares?" I do. I want to read a review that's not at the level of a grade 2 student believing they're smarter than they actually are. If you're going to write for a professional site, then damn well make sure you do it in a professional, well thought out and structured manner (and take out all the preachy superfluous word crap - nothing annoys me more than when reviewers stick in words just to make themselves sound smarter, again just like that "attemptedly" line). The only good thing about this review is that it's fairly comprehensive, the problem is that the content in it, is incomprehensible.

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humbleopinion4129d ago

It's getting the same review scores as the two previous games and coming from the same studio - a studio which is now simply more experienced. So why the surprise?

WeskerChildReborned4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

Yea i know what you mean, especially when a game like COD gets a 9/10 when barely any effort is shown, it's kinda sad but that's just my opinion.

I played the demo and it seemed alright to me, i'm just not as hyped as i thought i would be for DS3, especially since i heard EA will be releasing 10 pieces of day 1 DLC lol but it's whatever.

showtimefolks4129d ago

i will wait for more review and if this game is good i will pick it down the road. with limited time i don't think this is a day one purchase for me

MGR(also will wait for reviews)
last of us
tomb raider

so many games so little time, playing hitman absolution currently a excellent game not understanding all the hate

Imalwaysright4129d ago

DONT READ COMMENT #13 made by shahrukh339. He is posting DS3 spoilers.

DonFreezer4129d ago

And when The Last Of Us or any of the so called artistic horror ps3 'masterpieces' will get a 9 everyone will talk about game of the year and shit like that.Get over it you and all of the people on here gaming is not only ps3 exclusives.I'm not talking especially about you.

ambientFLIER4129d ago

10 doesn't mean perfect. Which means that 9 can't be "near perfect".

GiovanniVSOP4128d ago (Edited 4128d ago )

@ Sod _Delta Why do you find it hard to believe? Why isn't it realistic? Like the last two weren't near perfect games. Dead space 2 was actually better than the 1st, but yet you, and bunch of other people with short memories still don't believe. This is truly the year of the troll. Get off the bandwagon of the whole " its co-op in survival horror so it must suck, it feels like gears of war. And the cover of the box art is ripping off of BF3/Cod" please. I trust visceral games because their history is PROVEN. Oh yeah btw this is just my opinion based on the development team's past...

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nutcrackr4129d ago

I'm playing it now, game is easily a 9/10 so far

N311V4129d ago

Lucky bugger! I assume you're playing single player? In your opinion does it still feel like Dead Space, is it still scary? Does the scavanging feel like a grind?

nutcrackr4129d ago

Feels exactly like the previous games. Derelict space ships, necromorphs around every corner, jump scares, using stasis, couple of puzzles, audio logs that reveal history and writing on walls. No grind for resources yet.

Root4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )


After the demo and what we've saw I find that very hard to believe

You sound like an EA PR guy

Gazondaily4129d ago


Have you played the game? No? Then stop throwing accusations because that is essentially what you're doing.

Don't be so paranoid.

DeadSpaced4129d ago


You know the demo was to simply show off new content, right? As much as you'd hate to hear it, the game is shaping up to be much better than the demo led on.