Head2Head: Dead Space 3 Demo Screenshot Comparison

Lens of Truth writes "Welcome back for another exciting Head2Head! This week we take a look at EA’s Dead Space 3 Demo for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Jump inside to see if you can spot any differences."

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RudeSole Devil2186d ago

Great GAME great comparison been waiting for a good one.

Merrill2186d ago (Edited 2186d ago )

Terrible demo, it's not even the same genre as Dead Space 1... such a disappointment.

Karpetburnz2186d ago

PS3 and Xbox version are almost identicle, very minor differences. Its a tie.

guitarded772186d ago

Yeah, they're pretty much identical... I'll be getting it for PS3 because that's where I have played every other Dead Space game. Can't decide if I'm gonna pre-order or wait for a price drop which should happen pretty fast since it's a multi-platform game.

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