Dead Space 3′s generic box art is a drastic change when compared to the first two

GB - "Dead Space 3′s generic box art is a drastic change when compared to the first two."

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Good_Guy_Jamal4139d ago

Wow. Battlefield Space is what they should just call it. Enough with the hero walking cooly towards us weapon in hand EA!
BFBC 2, BF3, ME3 and now DS3.

NovusTerminus4139d ago

Not just EA. Assassins Creed, CoD MW2 (I think is the one), Dark Souls, DmC, and a number of others.

It really is getting very old though.

PhoenixRising374139d ago

dark souls box art is awesome....

yeahokchief4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )


lol. no but seriously... dark souls for president

N0S3LFESTEEM4138d ago

Do you spend more time staring at the box or playing the game... not picking on you lordme just everyone in general that actually cares about box art especially when you can print out your own if it really came down to it.

swice4138d ago

Isn't the Dark Souls guy walking TOWARD the enemies? For me that makes a difference

nveenio4138d ago

It's just box art. All box art is supposed to do is sell copies. So I don't really care if they completely flub it up. They wouldn't do it the way they do it if such a template wasn't proven to work.

SilentNegotiator4138d ago

"Isn't the Dark Souls guy walking TOWARD the enemies?"


Any of you that can't even REMEMBER what the boxart looks like have lost privilege to complain about generic covers.

That said, I love a cool cover for my shelf and any time they pull this, it is disappointing.

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IAMERROR4139d ago

I know! I'm getting so sick of these boxarts, so glad Halo 4 didn't go down this route.

Kran4139d ago

You forgot Dragon Age 2, sort of Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 except the back of him instead, possibly many more too.

Conzul4139d ago

You're right....this box art is pathetic.

Conzul4139d ago

I disagree, but I also admit you just made a funny.

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kma2k4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Wait so Issac Clark is left handed?

Lord_Sloth4139d ago

Chalk it up to an error since in game he holds his guns right handed.

wolokowoh4138d ago

Probably just ambidextrous when it comes to using guns/tools.

2pacalypsenow4139d ago

this show that Dead space 3 is gonna be just another Generic Shooter

TekoIie4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )


Not really. This trailer looks like the dead space I know and remember:


Also a demo is designed to sell a game and EA know they need to get fans of shooters in and that's who the demo catered towards.

Conzul4139d ago

By that measure Bioshock Infinite will also be a Generic Shooter.

Grow up.

JasonXS124139d ago

Ken Levine said the use of the generic boxart was to attract consumers, that's it.

Knight_Crawler4138d ago

Atleast you can flip the boxart cover on bioshock if you do not like the generic one.

isa_scout4139d ago

every time I see boxart like this the song, "Cool guys don't look at explosons" always pops into my head. Seriously this is the best your art department could come up with? Dead Space is way to great a franchise to have such generic boxart.

Hufandpuf4139d ago

It would've been cool if they had two people in the middle side by side fending off the aliens that crop in or the edges of the box. But nope.