Lightning Returns, and So Does Final Fantasy's Sense of Grand Adventure | 1UP

1UP: "Despite Lightning's top billing, the real star of this FFXIII sequel may be its world."

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Blastoise2152d ago

"the real star of this FFXIII sequel may be its world"

Well, based on the trailer which was set in a really dull artificial looking town, I'd have to disagree.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2152d ago

it was just one area. Im sure theres more.

AsheXII2152d ago

Pre-alpha stage, ill save my criticism for the final build.

SuperSonic2662152d ago

nothing will ever top final fantasy 9

KiRBY30002152d ago

we get it, you love FFIX. stahp.

DA_SHREDDER2152d ago Show
pompombrum2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Can this game come out and flop already so we can look forward to a Wada free next generation?

zerocrossing2152d ago

So not only is the main character bland and unappealing, but now so is the world and environments... WTF Squenix!?

e-p-ayeaH2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

youre being a hater because this looks pretty original the way i see it.

I could care less about FF13 or 13-2 this seems the FF13 that actually looks worth a buy.

zerocrossing2152d ago

Im honestly not hating, stating a negative opinion doesn't automatically make me a "hater" Im just giving my honest "opinion" here, no harm in that right?

Anyway to each their own and I hope it matches your expectations

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The story is too old to be commented.