New Mass Effect Screens

Microsoft and Bioware released these new images of the much awaited Sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect. As always, it looks great.

willud4skins6405d ago

lets get a new video or some new info. screens look good though.

PS360PCROCKS6405d ago

Ok damn this game looks so awesome, those screens are great. This is definetly going to be a must buy game, hopefully they release a demo so I can get an idea what the hell this game is even about lol, cause I haven't payed too much attention to it yet

DJ6405d ago

Doesn't look all that great. The low polygon counts aren't very impressive and seem be detrimental to the art style. Not much physical detail on the characters or environments either. I can tell that they tried to make up for it with the texture work, but texturing can only do so much.

I dunno why the last screen doesn't have any anti-aliasing either...

Anerythristic266405d ago

You just make yourself look jealous. At least it looks better than Metal Gear Solid 4 , right?

General6405d ago

Another Jealous Sony fanboy, Just accept defeat already, Cant you get it into your Sony heads that you have lost already?

joemutt6405d ago

Then you are going to be really dissapointed when you get a PS3.

Phenom196405d ago

whatever happened to people just being happy about a game, i dont understand why people feel the need to nitpick everything they see and be the black cloud over video games. the game looks great so stop trying to be the bearer of bad news