What's Going On in the New Final Fantasy Trailer?

IGN - IGN breaks down all the details of the first full trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fanasy XIII in our Rewind Theater.

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Ezz20132221d ago

i was the biggest Final Fantasy fan in ps1/ps2 era
but this gen every FF game is nothing like the FF games in ps1/ps2 era
atleast for me

Dwalls11712221d ago

your the ps2 era final fantasy was king...but square tried to appeal to the west and made their game linear....ff13 sold good but was a disaster.... I hope they go back to ff10 style

VileAndVicious2220d ago


I honestly didn't like ffx all that much...the last two I truly enjoyed were ffxii and ffix. But I get what you guys are saying and tend to agree.

DOMination-2220d ago

I disagree strongly. FF in the ps2 era was only a bit better than ps3 era. FFX was the start of the series losing the world map and making you walk down linear corridors to get to each location. It introduced terrible voice acting which they still haven't got right. At least it looked beautiful and had a good combat system.

FFXII i honestly only played foraabout 6 hours so i cannot comment too much but i didn't enjoy what i played. I know i am settting myself up for disagrees and bubble down but i feel these games get an easy ride on n4g at least because they were ps exclusive.

FFXVI - FIX were king and i hope Nomura can return us to the magic of those four games

Mounce2220d ago

That's why you gotta play and enjoy both the story, music and gameplay in a game like Nier.

And also to praise and love Lost Odyssey for being so classic, yet an overwhelming game both in music, characters, and story :P

TheLyonKing2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

it looks alright and 13-2 was good but the damage is already done and I really would prefer SE to start really knuckling down with versus and 10 hd aswell as getting KH 3 a teaser trailer or just a hint that it is in production.

EDIT* Also the doomsday clock reminds me of Majoras Mask a little bit

VsAssassin2221d ago

For me, the whole 13-day thing, and all that the end of the world thing, are reminding me a lot of Valkyrie Profile. I'd rather SE create Valkyrie Profile 3: Hrist than play as Lightning.

I never felt so frustrated in my gaming life. Sigh...

8bit_Nes_Rambo2221d ago

I'll tell you what's not going on, alot of FFvs13.

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pompombrum2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

The sad thing is, the most exciting thing about the trailer is when they say "Lightning's final journey" Also the English voice actress for Lightning is HORRIBLE, she's like trying to do a female Clint Eastwood and failing big time. I didn't even bother with FF13 or 13-2 but wow, I'd have hated to have to listen to that voice for the main character all game.

Summons752221d ago

Then you must hate mass effect because of liara. Same voice actor. She also had a very big list of games and movies she's been in so she can't be that bad of an actress if she keeps getting jobs. Plus you can't even have an opinion since you've never played these games. Just go back to call of duty with their 3 recycled lines

DOMination-2220d ago

The writing and directing at bioware is a bit better than at SE. For some reason they are too lazy to edit the cutscenes from the Japanese version where the voice acting takes a bit longer to say so they make the western VAs make stupid errrrrs and ummmmms to make it last through the scene.

Its so obvious that's what they do and it makes the VA sound had and the dialogue as a whole very cheesy. Sort it out SE!

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