Metro Last Light – Interview With Jeremy Greiner | Capsule Computers

Benjamin Webb of Capsule Computers writes -

"At a preview event earlier this week, us here at Capsule Computers had an opportunity to sit down with the Communications Manager of Metro Last Light, Jeremy Greiner. During our chat, we discuss the upcoming Metro Last Light video game and take a look at some of the workings behind the games technical engine and more."

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masterabbott2966d ago

awesome interview, this is one game im going to pick on day one, looks like THQ are on a winner with this game.

LinkageAX2966d ago

It sounds really good technically. :D

mewhy322965d ago

Well I didn't really find that interview very technical at all. What i got out of it was, it sings, it's decorative, it's amazing, etc. Lots of marketing hype. I wanted more of what type of anti aliasing, poly counts, physics, etc. Oh well. I'm sure it'll look and play awesome.

ZacE2966d ago

Graphically it looks amazing!

Ryder492965d ago

Cool to see a devloper's view on things in the entire process. Great interview.