NBA Live 07 to be PS3 launch title

In a seemingly innocuous press release from Electronic Arts today, the company announced some great news for b-ballin' PlayStation 3 fans. Touting an NBA Finals simulation on NBA Live, the publisher snuck in the fact that NBA Live 07 will be a launch title for Sony's next-gen system.

"NBA Live 07 will be available this fall on the Xbox 360 and Xbox video game systems, the PlayStation 2, PSP handheld system, and PC. It will also be one of the EA Sports titles available at launch of the PS3 entertainment system," says the statement.

NBA Live 07 played a significant role in EA's portion of Sony's pre-E3 conference. A video showed off the game's new procedural awareness, foot planting, and responsiveness mechanics, and a demo showed gameplay being run in real time on simulated PS3 hardware.

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OutLaw6200d ago

The last few years the game has been made poorly. I hope this year they get it right. Especially on these next gen consoles. The 360 last year didn't quite have all the bells and whistles it should of had. So maybe this year things will be different.

USMChardcharger6200d ago

if you guys have not seen or read anything on 2k's NBA game for 2007. it looks to destroy EA's version.
they have full motion cap. for every NBA star with each individual characteristics, like steve nash licking his fingers before pushing his hair back behind his ears before steps to the free throw line.
and for the 360 it will actually fully support league play, unlike EA's last installment.

kingboy6200d ago

yea 2k is pushing the realism further

omansteveo6200d ago

This game hasnt been good since the last 2000 and that was on psone 2k rocks!!

Anerythristic266200d ago

It isn't a launch until you walk into your local gaming store to buy your brand spankin' new system and get to choose from 3 or 4 EA launch titles. It's become a gaming tradition.

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