Forza VS. Need for Speed: Which one Should You Go With?

These are two great open world racers, but which one one appeals to you the best? Gamespot journalists Shaun and Tyler shout it out.

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Dante1122177d ago

I'm going with NFS. Never could get into Forza. It's almost impossible to find a good steering wheel that works with that game.

Blankman852177d ago

That plus you don't own an xbox. So yeah, kinda hard to do.

Dante1122177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

So just because I'm getting NFS over Forza, it somehow means that I don't own a 360? So I'm only allowed to buy and support first party exclusives from MS, huh lol? Man, this gen is the worse.

greenpowerz2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

You're a known ps3 fanboy troll that proudly announces your hate for the 360 and MSFT.

You choose NFS because you only own a PS3. What does a racing wheel have to do with a arcade racer and a hybrid arcade-SIM racer compared to a full sim like forza 4?

If you want a richer experience get Horizon, NFS handles like a game from the mid 90's(80mph hitting on brakes for a sharp turn slowing by 50mph in 2 seconds)

The physics are rubbish in NFS. The environmental graphics are nasty in NFS

kopicha2177d ago

I am one who have xbox. but I am one who actually went for NFS over Forza Horizon. My regular game store was pushing Forza to me during launch day. But I told them I think I am looking forward more to NFS considering both of them are "open world" racing game. Just dont see the point of getting 2 similar type of games so close to each other in release. Just like how I choose not to buy MOH:WF because there are Halo 4 and COD:BO2 coming up in just matter of 2 - 3 weeks after. There are simply too many games during this holiday that things needed to be prioritize. Too many games too little time.... there is absolutely nothing wrong for doing so.

Larry L2177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

LOL @ greenpowerz

You can't accuse ANYONE of being a fanboy when you sit there proclaiming Forza as a "full SIM") LOL.......GTFO of here with that fanboy non-sense!!!!

Now I wouldn't know about the new NFS:MW, but SHIFT2, while it's physics and handling characteristics are rediculous, it's environment graphics are incredible, and were a bit of a sneak-peek at the "next level" of realistic-style racing games. Graphically Forza is really no better than GT5, and the only reason it's visually more polished than GT5 now is because it's had 2 games since GT5. Not to mention the fact of just how OLD GT5's graphics engine really is. While GT5 came out in 2010, the real truth is it's one of the very first PS3 games in development and it's graphics engine was finalized before even 2008, so there's REALLY been about 4 Forzas since GT5 when you think about it.

For the uninformed racing sim fans like yourself, there are only THREE, count them 1, 2, 3 console racers that have true sim-level physics, and Forza sure as **** ain't one of them. They are GT5, and even better in terms of physics: the 2 SYSTEM3 racers from earlier this gen Ferrari Challenge and SuperCar Challenge whose physics are on par with PC sim physics.

If SHIFT2 had physics like any of those 3 games, it could have been a dream come true. That dream WILL indeed eventually come true though when Project Cars releases.

Basically, if you're a console gamer who loves your pure sim-racing experiences, you pretty much have to stick with GT5 until Project Cars comes out (and who knows when a GT6 will come). BUT if you like aracde racers with completely unrealistic physics, go with NFS, or if you like semi-arcade/semi-sim racers with physics that are trying to be like Gran Turismo but are in reality nowhere near as accurate, then go with Forza.

But don't sit there trying to pretend Forza is a SIM in regards to it's physics. Because that's a joke. Forza is really no more of a sim in terms of it's physics than GT3.....MAYBE GT4. And mind you, I'm a sim racing fan who absolutely believes that when it comes to physics, GT5 is the very first Gran Turismo that can be considered a sim.

EVILDEAD3602176d ago

I chose Forza Horizon and it works amazing with my sterring wheel, just like EVERY Forza I've owned.

Not only that, Forza Horizon is absolute blast as most critics and fans can attest.

I love Criterion as well, but I will be getting NFS down the line, but there are too many other games like Halo 4 and Black Ops 2 coming that will preclude me from buying both this year.


gaffyh2176d ago

I loved Burnout Paradise, so NFS for me even though I normally don't buy NFS games. Not really a fan of Forza so I wouldn't have got it even if it was the normal game.

Although, I don't really think these games should be compared.

Septic2176d ago

I don't get it, the two games are quite different.

Forza is more of an open world racing game based on simulation (albeit loosely in comparison to Forza 4).

NFS is an all out arcade racer with realism thrown completely out of the window (in the vein of Burnout).

It is interesting to see the agendas of the 'different sides' on here though.

guitarded772176d ago

@ Septic

Yes, but how else will there be a flame war unless we are made to choose between the two? I'm waiting for Black Friday to pick up both... played the Horizon demo and loved it, and I want to get NFS:MW on PS3 and Vita. I wasn't gonna drop $160 for both new, so I hope I can score all 3 on Black Friday for about $80.

Gamer19822176d ago (Edited 2176d ago )

Forzas not first party.. Just saying.. Also whys this in catagories other than 360? Forza not on other formats..

Qrphe2176d ago

If I HAD to choose, I'd pick Forza Horizon over NFS, however let us be clear, Forza nor any of its games are driving simulators.

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NastyLeftHook02177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )

need for speed easily, the game looks better and sounds better (very important for car games)

jimbobwahey2177d ago

Most Wanted for me as well.

I like the Forza Motorsport series and still play Forza 4 to this day, but the demo for Horizon was terrible and since they're being really awful with the DLC for the game (loyal customers get screwed over, wonderful!) I'm not touching that game at all.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2177d ago

Just played the first hour of nfs through ps plus. Gotta say the game is beastin. Love the day night cycle and it looks spectacular.

hotrider122177d ago

eh, big decision Forza?? or Mostwanted?? hmmmm
if mostwanted did not remind me of BURNOUT i would pick MW. Forza a open world game ( which i hate)
so my choice be neither. now if MW was like Underground with cops that would be a WINNER hands down.

farhad2k82177d ago

Well, if you only own a PS3 like my self, NFS is the only option. Just saying.

wastedcells2177d ago

I own both 360 and ps3 and I chose NFS. At the end of the day they are both well polished great racing games but I am just way more entertained by most wanted.

EZMickey2177d ago

When posts are littered to the brim with idiot fanboy comments everyday, finding a smart and genuine statement such as yours is rare indeed.

Knight_Crawler2177d ago

So if you had the Lambo pinned up on your wall NFS is for you and if you had the Ferrari then Horizon is for you.

FordGTGuy2177d ago

I still don't get the lack of steering wheel argument when Forza supports one of the best on the market.

FordGTGuy2177d ago

I still don't get the lack of steering wheel argument when Forza supports one of the best on the market.

ALLWRONG2177d ago

This is why no one believes you have a 360.

theunleashed642177d ago (Edited 2177d ago )


hypocrite much? i've seen you literally go into ps3 articles trolling any postive news related to sony. taking cheap shots all the while raving about "microsoft's dommince" and bashing the ps3. not enough for you? how about this you were just in a assassin's creed 3 screenshot compairson trying to find fault with the ps3 version. you have the nerve to call him a fanboy? talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

R6ex2176d ago

I agree with the reviewer's Ferrari vs Lambo pin-up take on this issue. lol

otherZinc2176d ago

Forza Horizon, this choice is easy!

Forza Horizon is very different than a traditional Forza game & offers much more than NFS.

hennessey862176d ago

My Fanatec GT2 works amazingly thanks troll

Ak47Russia2176d ago

NFS: most wanted easily!

I don't like Arcade racing games(NFS, Dirt and Forza), but got to admit Criterion did a fantastic job with Most wanted!

NFS MW has:
Better World/Environment ,
Better Engine sound
Better gameplay is intense
Better road tiles!
Graphics are one of the best! way better than Forza Horizon.

Cam9772176d ago

I'm going with NFS too. It seems more fun and adventurous whereas Forza seems restricted in some areas.

DA_SHREDDER2176d ago

I got with nfs because I love Criterion, and also I get a discount for being a ps+ member and can gameshare with my son. So ya. NFS 4 life mang.

evilunklebud2176d ago

I will, eventually, have both.

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Chuk52177d ago

Wow, this video really didn't help me choose.

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MaximusPrime2177d ago

NFS for me. Why? Because I sold Xbox years ago

MaximusPrime2177d ago

So you disagreers don't believe I sold Xbox? I sold it a month before PS3 released. I saved 200 quids off...

Anyhow, I don't know why comparing forza with NFS? I rather play multiplayer games with old burnout paradise gamers again

TurboGamer2177d ago

The title should say Forza vs Burnout, because the last need for speed that was every made(in my mind) was the original nfs most wanted and the only name the next nfs should have is Underground 3.