The 10 Best Spin-Off Games That Are Better than the Original

Xfire writes "It's not often that a video game franchise becomes successful enough that it gets a spin-off title or two. However, while most spin-offs help expand the base, some spin-off games end up being better than the original."

TallDarknWavy854d ago

Zombie Army 4 was incredible, it just inches out Sniper Elite 4 which was also incredible.


EA Play September Rewards Inbound

EA Play* is offering some great new rewards this September. Top sports games are getting rewards, such as the upcoming EA SPORTS FC™ 24 and the recently released Madden NFL 24.

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Apex Legends x Titanfall crosscover could be on the cards amid surprise updates and cryptic clues

A Titanfall Apex Legends crossover may on the way, as surprise updates to Titanfall 2 appear alongside cryptic clues in the latest Apex Legends patch notes.

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Apex Legends weapons tier list and the best weapons in Apex Legends

Finlay writes: "Looking for the best weapons in Apex Legends? We'll walk you through the best guns in Apex in this comprehensive guide."

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