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@ andibandit below

Would you stop with the shipped vs sold BS? Everyone already knows that when Sony, MS or Crystal Dynamics in this case, report numbers they're talking shipped to stores. On top of that you have the nerve to quote VGChartz when you know their numbers aren't 100% legit (heck we don't even know where they get their numbers besides the "inside anonymous source" that they pass off). You even criticized others who used VGchartz in the past a...

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8/10 aren't good scores either? There are a couple of more 9/10 on the PS3 news space, just didn't get any views or hits for it to pop up on the main N4G news space yet.

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Good read. The reviews are so mixed as far as game length goes.

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Lol, I didn't know newspapers in Toronto review video games. Lavalamp is diggin deep for these reviews. Keep em coming.

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Yeah, I thought that too. On the IGN pre review that's up right now, the guy reviewing it said that the story was 12-14 hours long if you play on normal without speeding through. But according to CVG and CC, the campaign is supposedly really short.

I'll get the link, third comment in the comment section.

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Mind blown. Buying a Ps4 day one.

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Lol, so true. I mean, look at the whole "Will the Ps4 play used games?" bs even after the fact that not only Yoshida and Jack Tretton have already confirmed that it will play used games but even two publishers working on the PS4.

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Yeah, I thought that was priceless. I think I even mentioned it in the article's comment section. Can't believe that people still think that some gaming sites aren't bias. Especially after yesterday (Nintendofeed, Kotaku have mad number of failed articles on N4G in just two days. One of Nintendofeed's articles called potential PS4 buyer "sheep and idiots".

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Great news. Now hopefully this will stop/repel those BS gaming journalists from spreading even more BS on game pricing.

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Exactly, why are we still getting these BS articles?

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Real talk. Journalism at it finest. Serious question, where are the mods today? So many BS articles have been approved today that aren't even true and I noticed that the once 1 bubble "Xbox enthusiasts" such as green, dcbronco, now have as many as 6 bubbles. Alternate accounts?

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@ Kane22

Word. There's a couple of guys going around right now on N4G saying that the PS4 will always be online when Sony just confirmed this...

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Edit: I'm sorry, I gotta keep it real. I spotted atleast 10 regulars from the 360 forum and known "enthusiasts"...

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@ TheGamerDood

I know, Jack Tretton and Yoshida must have said that the PS4 won't block used games atleast 8 times this week. I don't know what else they can say or do to get the message through the heads of "certain" gaming journalists/sites. You know what I really think it is though? I think in fear of the upcoming backlash the 720 may face if the 720 really block used games (Most are speculating that since most of the PS4 rumors were pretty spot on, that ...

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@ Y_5150

Why are you spreading false information in every PS4 article man. Sony never said anything about about PSN accounts not carrying over. And stop spreading that FUD that the PS4 is blocking used games. Yoshida, Jack Tretton already said that used games will work and won't be blocked. You and that Easy guy should just stop.

Edit: Nintendo and 360 fans are in full force today.

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I'm looking forward to the PS4, even my older cousin (hardcore 360 fan) is looking forward and planning on buying the PS4 (which was a shock to hear).

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Just check the failed submissions, Apollo. The nintendo and 360 crowd are trying their hardest. The amount of misinformation and bias there is shocking. Nintendofeed has like 6 failed articles TODAY.

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Sweet. How is this possible though? People were saying that this was going to be $600 dollars again.

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Typical gaming journalism.

On the upside, Sony Corp. JP:6758 -1.77% SNE -1.23% rose 0.7% as it unveiled its newest videogame console, the PlayStation 4, at a New York event. Sony also said earlier that it will book a $1.2 billion one-time gain from the sale of a online-medical-service stake, according to the Nikkei business daily.

Source: http:/...

I was about to report this article but the name of the site as well as the over the top misinformation/bias make this article quite entertaining. XD

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Lmao, Yoshida announces that the PS4 won't block used games and journalists are STILL trying to convince us that Sony is trying to kill used games. I don't know what else Sony can say?

"No, no, no, no, no...we are not blocking games. We are not killing used games. We are not blocking games. We are not killing used game off" *cycle*

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