New Mass Effect Screenies

Today a few new Mass Effect screenshots hit the internet and by god they look absolutley mind-blowing.

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Jay da 2KBalla6450d ago

THE title of 2007 of all platforms and definately the best looking title of the next gen. Another AAA exclusive for the 360.

xboxlj6450d ago

How can you possibly say that. WarHawk for the PS3 will blow this away.

xboxlj6450d ago (Edited 6450d ago )

Yes I did forget to take my meds today. lol

zonetrooper56450d ago

This game looks amazing graphically but gameplay wise i need to see more of to convice me to buy this for my Xbox 360. At least its a AAA exclusive for the Xbox 360.

USMChardcharger6449d ago

these guys do not need to prove anything to me. They won me over with Knights of the Old Republic.
Hell, Bioware always makes a good game.

General6450d ago

Amazing, Very very nice looking, Whoever says otherwise is either stupid or a jealous Sony fanboy.

power of Green 6450d ago

I hope they work on the charector animation and smooth out the tiny jerky movement at the end of; for the most part is dam good natural motion. The games starting to look photo real.