FIFA 13: no Camp Nou? writes: "we have learned from the mouth of Broad Romily that FC Barcelona will not have its stadium for FIFA 13"

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Lior2256d ago

but i saw it in the trailer

Yi-Long2256d ago

... to sell it later as DLC. It seriously wouldn't surprise me.

Lior2256d ago

what idiot would buy that as dlc

2pacalypsenow2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

A true Futbol fan of Barca would (I would and will if they do). Also Kinda funny that a messi who plays for Barcelona is in the cover but the stadium isnt

Baka-akaB2255d ago (Edited 2255d ago )

as a true fan of Barca , i find the idea disgusting and still idiotic .

It most likely have to do with Pes getting plenty stadiums as free dlc

akaakaaka2255d ago

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013®

Camp nou
Champions league
Copa libertadores
Master league mode*
Try it! This year is worth it... gameplay is like a sim and fun!

Plus I belive this is the only game that has user created mods in consoles... and that's amazing and it always gives new value to the game.

LoneWolf0192255d ago

So where is Barca going to play??...