Are Employed Gamers more Skillful than Unemployed Gamers

Unemployment in the UK is falling according to some quarters and we can only take these figures at face value.

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BobBelcher2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

I'm saying yes simply because unemployed folks need to quit wasting their time playing games and get out there job hunting...

(unless you're physically handicapped or below job employment age)

Dehnus2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

WOW! Internet Tough guy is TOUGH!

Seriously, when you apply for jobs you also need to relax. If you have a PC or a console already it is perfectly fine to play a game to unwind. Certainly before interviews writing application letters.

But Acting all tough makes you feel like a bigger man for having a job when there are always those without it. In our current model we NEED unemployed people to have a stable economy. If there was no unemployment the economy would falter as wages would skyrocket.

So there will always be between 2% and 10 % unemployment, whether you like it or not. In good times 2% in bad times 10%. They serve as motivation for those employed so they won't be daring to ask for too many raises and are fearful about losing their job.

Yes it might sound cool to go "RAAAH THEY NEED TO <X>", but it will not get you anywhere. That said, that doesn't mean people should just live in benefits of course. The current system is a careful balance.

Now if you want 100% unemployment, then Totalitarian states like North Korea are the places for you. Why if you loose your job there, the government will find you something to do, just like many western states are also going towards with the return of the "work houses" informs in expecting work for a government handout, which are always below minimum wages.

YAY totalitarianism!

jimbobwahey2640d ago

It's pretty depressing since the idiots of this country decided to vote the Tories in, a good chunk of people I know have unfortunately lost their jobs thanks to the double recession we were plunged into, along with all the other madness the Tories have done to screw the country up.

Thankfully I haven't been affected too much, but whenever I see somebody complaining about the unemployed I can't help but shake my head because they have to be horribly ignorant of just what's happening in this country (and around the world) to have such an absurd viewpoint that if someone is unemployed it's because they're lazy.

BobBelcher2640d ago

temp agencies, temp agencies, temp agencies... What's more is there are state job agencies that will help folks find employment. I'm talking from experience. Life hasn't just been handed to me. It's been a hell of a struggle, but through temp agencies and job employment agencies I found a job. If a person is capable of getting a job and they don't have one, then job hunting should be their job.

StockpileTom2640d ago

I tore my left achilles during a job interview in May. I'm preparing to give it another go next year.

Everyone needs a backup job though, mine is plumbing and system building. Finding that backup job is hard though b/c employers don't like gaps in your history.
Sometimes it does take a little luck and some good support.

Sy_Wolf2640d ago

Where I live it's incredibly hard to actually get a job. Even tried at McDonalds but they said I was overqualified and wouldn't hire me...

BobBelcher2640d ago (Edited 2640d ago )

over qualified? I suppose. Next time you're job hunting though, try simply just matching the job requirements w/o over doing it. Also, look for job employment facilities as well. Even temp agencies are great. I'm not talking out of my ass because I've had the same job forever. I've been struggling to get a job, but my days were filled with job hunting until I got one. If you don't have a job, then job hunting should be your job. Also, looking into whatever the government can do until you can get on your feet.

lobocob2640d ago

im employed and i get pretty sick no scope head shots. get that paper yo

wonderfulmonkeyman2640d ago

I dunno.
Common sense would argue that the common full-time employee with a place of his own has more responsibilities and thus less time to get better through longer hours of practice.

But talent is always a factor, and if the talent is there, it requires less practice.

In the end, I guess it varies based on initial talent and how many hours between work a worker is able to practice.

As far as non-workers, they've got more time, but decidedly less coin, so their ability to get more games to practice on becomes severely limited.
They might become super pros at certain games, given enough initial talent and hours practicing, but their skills will not be spread out to nearly as many games in most cases.

MrCrimson2639d ago (Edited 2639d ago )

This article made no sense to me at all. Like I read it...It's a good thesis...but then nothing else.