Free-to-play model compromises integrity of video games

There is something rotten in the state of video games, and if you’ve ever mindlessly tapped away at your touchscreen game only to be confronted with a blurb asking for your money, then you know all about the exploitative business model that is currently compromising the integrity of the gaming medium: Free-to-play games.

...Note that elements of F2P mobile gaming have already begun to seep into mass-market console games such as Battlefield 3 and FIFA 13, with both games offering modes of gameplay that reward the player who spends the most money....

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mochachino3512d ago

I hate the free to play model

GameSpawn3512d ago

I don't have a problem with the model. I have a problem with the terminology. "Free-to-play" is so misleading, "freemium" (Free + Premium) is a MUCH better term because then you at least know what you're in for from the start.

randomass1713512d ago

Better than "pay to pay more" like Dead Space 3. :/

Mankey3512d ago

Me to. You know why? Seeing real world money inside games takes away from the illusion of the game. It breaks the spell of you feeling completely engrossed.

SubspaceReviews3512d ago

Completely ruins Trials Frontier. I would have happily paid £5+ for the game, but oh well.

mochachino3512d ago

Yeah, everytime I'm just like I would gladly have just paid for the game an not have to deal with this P2P crap.

randomass1713512d ago

Loadout is actually a really good F2P game. All the DLC is cosmetic and you only have to make the choice to purchase it if you want to financially support the developer.

Twinblade3512d ago

I love the F2P model, we don't have to worry about paying for a sh!tty game.

randomass1713512d ago

As long as the developer isn't trying to rip you off, the F2P model is not bad. You can at least try games for free. No real harm there.

ion6663512d ago

Sadly thats why i'm not that confident in Capcom's Deep Down.

randomass1713512d ago

That game is F2P? Dang. Game still looks beautiful though. :)

SirBillyBones3512d ago

Warframe bucks the trend. If more games were like Warframe (and developer like Digital Extreme) then the gaming world would be a much better place. DE are head and shoulders above a lot of AAA devs in terms of community interaction and passion for their game.


Battlefield Needs the Glory Days of BF3 and Bad Company 2 Back

Whether it comes through remakes or a new game with a similar style, DICE should aim to revive the glory days of Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2.

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masterfox380d ago

hmmm I think there will be no old BF glory days for EA since they are loyal to their greediness and laziness :D

Knightofelemia379d ago

You're asking for a miracle with EA that will never happen unless they can exploit the money making schemes behind it.

MadLad379d ago

We'll see what happens now that Zampella is overlooking the series.

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Father__Merrin379d ago

Anyone that wants to plat bf3 you can still go ahead and play it