Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Release Locked for July 17, Explosive New Trailer Fires Out

Battlefield 3 Reality Mod release is now set for July 17, and we get a brand new release date trailer that brings the action and grounded gunfights.

MadLad736d ago

There's fun to be had here.



Battlefield Needs the Glory Days of BF3 and Bad Company 2 Back

Whether it comes through remakes or a new game with a similar style, DICE should aim to revive the glory days of Battlefield 3 and Bad Company 2.

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masterfox610d ago

hmmm I think there will be no old BF glory days for EA since they are loyal to their greediness and laziness :D

Knightofelemia610d ago

You're asking for a miracle with EA that will never happen unless they can exploit the money making schemes behind it.

MadLad610d ago

We'll see what happens now that Zampella is overlooking the series.

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Father__Merrin610d ago

Anyone that wants to plat bf3 you can still go ahead and play it

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Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Installation and Beginner's Guide Released

This Battlefield 3 Reality Mod installation guide will show you step-by-step on how to install the new reality mod by Venice Unleashed.


EA Needs to Push Out a Battlefield 3 Remake to Win Back Gamers, and Wash Away Recent Disappointments

(Opinion): EA needs to release the Battlefield 3 Remake in order to win back gamers. after the disappointing reception of Battlefield 2042 & Battlefield V.

MadLad856d ago

I've been wanting to see this for a long time; though I don't trust DICE to handle even a remake of their own work at this point.

Give it to Respawn.
Literally the only major in house developer I actually trust from EA at this point.

RaidenBlack856d ago

End-execution result aside .... Isn't that what BF Portal set out to achieve?
BF3 MP(maps + weapons) in a new Frostbite engine?
Hate it or love it .... but that's what they did.
Call it a Remaster technically ... coz Remake would be changing the mechanics and that's wot BF4 did over BF3 at MP side (barring the single-player story, which obviously has to be different)

SinisterMister856d ago

Man, cannot agree with you more.

chicken_in_the_corn856d ago (Edited 856d ago )

Definitely not. They need to look at where they went wrong learn from it to make the next game as good as they possibly can instead of descending into the biggest problem with modern gaming and bowing to a hive-mind that is against new games

MadLad856d ago

Hive mind against new games? The hell are you on about? New games come out all the time. New IPs are coming out all the time.

Battlefield pretty much peaked with 3 and 4. Ever since then they either under delivered or simply released broken games.