7 Most Overhyped Games

There's nothing wrong with getting excited for a new game, but often times we get too excited. In this fervor our expectations grow until we're unfortunately and inevitably letdown by the final product. Here are 7 games that were greatly overhyped.

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KinjoTakemura2439d ago

Watch Dogs, Titanfall, Thief, Amazing Spiderman 2, Metal Gear Solid GZ. Can't think of any others for this generation.

Elit3Nick2439d ago

Although I agree with most, I feel like Titanfall delivers exactly what I was expecting. Respawn marketed the game by showing actual matches, without exaggerated gameplay like with BF4, while true that the game lacks a large number of weapons, I feel the gameplay itself keeps the game engaging, especially when you actually make use of parkour, something that a worrying number of players don't seem to use. Look at the gameplay of an extremely skilled parkour user versus a player that's using a cod or battlefield playstyle, it looks like two different games

gjruk2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Reason being? Or just trying to cause a problem? :)
Personally, Titanfall was a let down for me. I maybe hyped myself to much over the game and considered it to be the next big thing, but was really let down with the lack of content and no single player made it feel like a demo at times.
I'm sure Titanfall 2 with improvements could be great though.

Watch dogs also, not because it was bad... just not long after playing GTA, felt very mediocre.

ATi_Elite2438d ago

Halo I have to agree until you add in the MP mode then I can justify the Hype.

I still say Red Faction was better than Halo but Halo MP was very proper for a console game.

Most over hyped game The last of Us. The Enemy A.I. is GARBAGE.

Super Great story, very nice graphics (by console standards), but super duper GARBAGE A.I. and with only 2 or 3 onscreen enemies at a time I guess they used up all the resources for the Story and Graphics.

Now I hate Halo but I can't deny the MP mode.
TLOU is basically a great rendered movie as the A.I. is CRAP.

Oh by the way Killzone 2 DELIVERED and lived up to the hype. Don't Hate!

Crysis 2 most hyped game and it was GARBAGE on ALL platforms.

LightDiego2439d ago

I don't agree with Halo 4, but the rest of the games on the list i agree.

Anon19742439d ago

There's no way Fable should be on this list. I don't for a second knock Molyneux for showing some ambition with the series and what he delivered were two absolute classics in the RPG series (Fable 1 and 2 which went on to win multiple game of the year awards, and rightly so) and one Fable game that was merely good, not great.

I wish we had more developers willing to shoot for the moon like Molyneux. How often does a developer come along and actually create genres and redefine others with his works? Molyneux's been doing this for over two decades and you have to give credit where it's due. So what if every single feature the guy wanted to be in the game didn't make it into the finished product?

Should the guy be secluded like a monk and not be allowed to speak about his vision for a product in case the end result doesn't live up to the expectations? I wish we had more developers as enthusiastic about their work and their creative vision for the games they make.

There's no way Fable titles should be on a list like this. Fable 1 and 2 firmly delivered despite the features that didn't make it in.

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