Sole Survivor of the Great Football Migration – Pro Evo to FIFA

Liam Pritchard of Brash Games writes "So, I’m the only one left. Perhaps not in the world, but certainly out of my friends. Back in the days of the PS2, everybody, and I mean everybody I knew played Pro Evo. There were no stragglers and nobody succumb to the temptation of EA’s extensive licensing. Nope, back then, we all prayed exclusively at the house of Shingo “Seabass” Takatsuka".

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OcelotRigz2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

Nice article.
The "Great Migration" is so relatable to me and i expect a lot of the old PES guys too.

Infact, i actually single-handily introduced PES to my town, i used to play PES non-stop. But the difference was i had all the option-files, so i had no problem with dodgy team names or kits. My friends tried pes but because of the lack of licences and no knowledge of an option-file, they just thought pes was a stupid, cheap looking game.
Slowly but surely, after friends played a few games at my house, they started buying the game themselves and playing with friends at their house. Next thing i know the whole town is addicted to pes, "up for a game of pez" was a common question around the town.

(I tried the same thing with battlefield 3, but people wouldn't budge from cod, except for one friend)

Like this article says though, come into this generation and slowly but surely all my friends converted to the dark side while i stuck by, slightly frustrated, with my beloved pes. But unlike the author, i went to the dark side last year when i bought FIFA and for the first time ever, didnt buy pes.

I appreciate the authors dedication to the charms pes still offers, but for me the flaws are too much. Its like a few diamonds in a barrel of oil. Whereas FIFA is like a barrel of oil packed with glitter. Its doesn't compare to the old PES's and still lacks that "charm" and addictiveness pes used to have, but it has so many good things going for it that its hard to resist.

Hopefully pes will make a return next generation.

asmith23062504d ago

I'm guessing you haven't played the PES 13 demo? It feels like its back to the golden age during the PS2 era. I used to play PES religiously until I migrated to FIFA 10. This year its back to PES for me. I really hope the online is solid though.

Kopite_20202504d ago

Exactly the same as me. Having played both the PES and FIFA demo I am returning back to pro evo after a long time (still getting FIFA, but only just!). Love the added control PES gives you with the flicks and traps.

OcelotRigz2504d ago (Edited 2504d ago )

I have played the demo. It would make no sense not to. I love the pes series and would love for it to return to those glory days, where i spent countless hours, but it hasn't and i dont think it will until next gen because the devs cant get to grips with this generation.
I must of said this in a ton of PES articles on here and i'll say it again, when you read interviews with the pes devs and when you play the game, you can see what they are trying to do. They have the right idea of how a footie game should be played, but they just cant execute them right.
This year is no different, what they are trying is great, the intricate little things you practice in the tutorial, it should add another dimension to the gameplay but it doesnt because its still badly executed, players still feel wooden, running on rails, the animations are really poor, still no pace, the ball doesnt seem to move right when shooting and passing.

I know a lot of it comes down to personal preference, if a guy likes this years pes you cant say he is wrong, only disagree and if a guy tells me its back to its golden age then i completely disagree, this years game and this generations games are nothing close to the PES4/5/6 games.

I will agree there is a huge improvement in this years version, but its still a poor game in my opinion. I'm glad people are liking and it feels like the glory days to them, i would love to be in their position, but im not, i see it differently and i really feel like PES didnt turn up, and wont, this gen. But i hope they do next gen. Because FIFA, as much time i spent on it and with all its gloss and glamour, it just cant seem to give that magic that pes used to.