Brand New Mass Effect Screens!

Bioware released these awesome images of Mass Effect, and it seems like Bioware impossibly could fail with any game these days. A true AAA developer!

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Cyclonus5916d ago

Don't know why there's a double for every pic...oh, well.

LOL at achira voting Lame out of fear, the c***.

drewdrakes5916d ago

My God, how could a video game look this realistic?

Antan5916d ago

easy.......Hard work !!!!!!!!

Jay da 2KBalla5916d ago

The killer app of the next generation. No bs. This game is completely unmatched. Did you see the draw distance on that planet with the rover. Look at how realistic the mountians are. And its all realtime gameplay.

UrbanJabroni5916d ago (Edited 5916d ago )

I see you've taken up where other immature idiots on this site left off. Why in God's name do you feel it necessary to vote "lame" on EVERY 360 article? Of course, you aren't going to read this, as you simply click down the list on the homepage for every story.

Could we maybe implement a timer where you don't get to vote on more than 2 articles every 15 minutes or so?

Or maybe can we "vote" to attempt to take away someone's voting priveledges if they are abusing the system?

Because when one idiot does this, it makes other idiots want to join in. This, of course, makes the opposing side wish to retaliate, which makes the cool/lame system largely irrelevent.


Grown Folks Talk5916d ago

on the ps3 gamesw $59.99 thread. people vote lame just because it's not on their system of preference. it serves no purpose. notice how it's rarely done on multi-platform titles, but exclusives that's all you get. it's retarded.

coxyefc5916d ago

clicked lame by mistake!! i need coffee but those screenshots look the business. mass effect is one stunning game and proves that the xbox 360 is a great next gen machine. xbox 1.5 my arse!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.