CheatHappens - Sleeping Dogs Review

The road Sleeping Dogs took to store shelves is one that most developers would love to steer clear of. First announced as a reboot of the long dormant True Crime series by Activision, the title was quickly dropped by the publisher and assumed to be little more than vaporware shortly after. It wasn't until Square Enix stepped in that Sleeping Dogs proper was created and we began to see the title really start to take shape. Even then though, the odds of Sleeping Dogs doing what few titles that have been to gaming purgatory have done -- be a decent game, were firmly against it; just ask Duke Nukem Forever.

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NastyLeftHook02776d ago

i dont care, sleeping dogs is a 9/10 its that good. it deserves no less. (imo)

Xof2776d ago

...Nice to know you're fixating on what really matters.

LOGICWINS2776d ago

If u dnt care about other opinions besides ur own, why are u here?

NastyLeftHook02776d ago

If i wanted your opinion, i would have for asked it.

Locksus2776d ago


So, basically other people cannot express their opinion unless you specifically ask for it?

showtimefolks2776d ago

The combat feels stif also there are glitches like car gong through road inside a visible black wall or game freezing. I am playing on ps3.

I hope they release a patch soon. The combat isn't as smooth as batman also the gunplay is quite weak.

Pintheshadows2776d ago

I've experienced none of those glitches so you must be unlucky.

And the combat and gunplay are both incredible. Lower your unreasonable expectations and maybe you'll get some enjoyment out of life.

showtimefolks2776d ago


in another article these two members also had issues so maybe instead of being smart you might want to think there maybe actual glitches maybe not game breaking but glitches

and every reviewer out there said the same thing gunplay is weak but i feel like this is more of a hand to hand combat game, and forgive for suggesting maybe combat could have been more smoother

SP3333D-O2776d ago

"crime ridden Tokyo"? Umm, wrong country.

pr0digyZA2776d ago

I am really loving this game (PC version), easily a 9/10 for me. I don't want it to end which is always a positive sign. Also the combat upgrades you get later on are awesome.Driving took a while to get used to but now its second nature and I am really enjoying it. I love the gunplay and soundtrack. Can't wait for a sequel, makes me wish they had a bigger team and budget like Rockstar.

SP3333D-O2776d ago

Agree on all counts. Especially appreciate that they the PC version some extra love.

Clover9042776d ago

I'm loving the game as well. Wish SquareEnix would release a digital soundtrack for this game. The music is incredible. I love jumping over some cover and popping off multiple slow mo headshots.