Sleeping Dogs PS3 video review – is this open world crime spree worth picking up? OPM

Here’s a fine meeting of minds for you: OPM editor Ben Wilson discussing the finer points of Sleeping Dogs with OPM online editor Leon Hurley. Like Plato and Socrates debating the essence of matter, but with more sprays of uzi-fire and roundhouse kicks.

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morganfell2257d ago

Actually it is more of the anti-crime spree since that is the overall goal. And yes, well worth the purchase.

mafiahajeri2257d ago

Yes I hope this turns into an epic trilogy!

Kinger89382257d ago

cool review! just brought it on steam now awaiting the download :@ but looking forward to playing it!

Somebody2257d ago

It's funny seeing the title asking whether this game is worth picking up when there's a big fat 9/10 next to it.

Anyway, I've played maybe an hour of the game and find it quite an enjoyable rush, so far. Had to stop for a while to finish downloading the high res texture first.