New Street Fighter X Tekken screens feature Vita pre-order costumes and more

Several new screenshots, featuring the pre-order bonus costumes for the Playstation Vita version (as well as the prologue sequences for Blanka, Bryan Fury, Jack-X and Sakura) have been revealed for Street Fighter X Tekken.

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DivineAssault 2321d ago

I want this game.. I know it isnt the greatest from what ive read but i havent played it yet & im going to pop my cherry w the vita version

guitar_nerd_232321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I get on well with Tekken well and appreciate but suck at Street Fighter IV and found this game to be awesome.

I probably like it for the reasons Street Fighter hard-cores dislike it, it probably is a bit dumbed down compared with Street Fighter IV.

But it's really accessible and the Tekken move sets are mostly well picked, although Hwoarang (my fav on Tekken) I can't play with to save my life, Kazuya is perfect on it though.