Four New Dark Sector Weapons Revealed

TeamXbox Staff writes:

" D3Publisher of America has revealed four new weapons from the upcoming action-thriller, Dark Sector: the double-action revolver, the Hammer 1895; the Striker short-barrel shotgun; the TEKNA Burst Pistol; and the VX Carbine high powered rifle."

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Violater4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

I think had this game been released last year it would have made a better entrance.
08 is the year of the heavy hitters and unreal engine graphics are looking dated.
That said it could be the inner graphics wh0re in me talking, or the rum.

godoftime4670d ago

noone cares, at least i dont it suks compared to the main titles, plus it looks like the control and story will suck a$$

Amnesiac4670d ago

this game is a year late

permutated4670d ago

I for one cannot wait for this.

I just wished that the main character didn't look so Emo :)