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User Review : Kinect

  • Fun games like dance central & kinectimals
  • Browsing the dashboard is easy & quick
  • Browsing the dashboard is easy & quick
  • My neighbor can now turn off my xbox... with his voice
  • Kinect went nuts when my mini heater was on

Kinect is a must buy!

I've had kinect for at least two days now, and I'm having a blast. After coming home around 1 a.m., I set up kinect (and it was pretty easy too), and i went to sleep. When I woke up, i invited my neighbor over to play(he was pretty skeptical, though).

So the first game we decided to play was dance central, and it was pretty fun, but I did have to move the furniture around as we kept bumping into stuff. Next up we played kinect adventures. Rafting was pretty fun, and we played around with the mini games. After us horsing around, I decided to share the pictures kinect took, and it was easy as pressing that "easy" button.

My neighbor left soon, and i decided to try kinectimals, and while it was fun, it didn't offer much to my disappointment, but still, i had fun playing around with my pet tiger "suda51".

Browsing the dashboard was easy and quick, and kinect was responsive to my commands. I had a video conversation with a friend of mine, and whenever i moved, it would follow me.

Now the only problems I had were avoidable. Kinect went nuts when my mini heater was on, and I when I put it away is when kinect stop panning in and out. And while I was watching a movie using zune, my neighbor yelled "xbox, turn off!". As expected, my xbox turned off, and after shutting my windows was I able to watch the movie in peace(zune thankfully saves where i left off).

Overall, kinect is a great peripheral that any 360 owner should buy, and anyone planning to buy an xbox should buy.

My expectations are at a medium (since they are family games) and they seem to be pretty good, did notice some jaggies on dance central, but it didn't matter.
Dance centrals music was OK, not bad...
Had a blast with my neighbor (called him over), he seemed to like it as well. From dancing to jumping around, it was fun! I got tired within 2 hours of jumping, though.
Fun Factor
You will have fun, I swear on it.
easy to share the pictures kinect took, and browsing the dashboard was easy.
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KingME3833d ago

you Pro browsing the dashboard...

Well you actually can't browse the dashboard with Kinect.

awiseman3830d ago

I sense a slight bit of fanboyism towards Kinect But its an OK review and Kinect is not as bad as they make it out to be on this site..