5 Horrible Console Controllers

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''In the ever-changing world of videogames, innovative moves are often taken to try to stay fresh and new. Stagnation can become dangerous for companies trying to turn a profit. ''

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Knightofelemia785d ago

Dreamcast controller was awesome and very comfortable only thing I didn't like was the thumbstick needed some cushioning. The N64 was also a great controller only downfall it has was the thumbstick had issues. The Phillips CDi had horrible controllers, Atari had horrible controllers, the Amiga 32 CD has an awful controller plus the awful stuff over the years that 3rd parties crapped out most of them were crap.

Phoenix76784d ago

Yeah the Amiga Cd32 was a awful design. Only way to really to of made use of that console was by adding a KB+M and a Kempston 🕹. But I did love the hell out of it though, as it was the first time I got to play wing commander 😂

darthv72784d ago

the stock cd32 pad sucked but there were much better 3rd party ones. I used to have a set that looked like genesis controllers.

784d ago
darkwalker784d ago

I disagree with the DC controller. It was a great once you got used to it. The VMU was also revolutionary at the time. I wholeheartedly agree with the N64 though. It was a convoluted nightmare.

Imortus_san784d ago

Top Worst controllers:
Old joysticks for Atari / Amstrad / Commodore / MSX / Zx Spectrum
Atari Jaguar
Nintendo Switch
Master System.

micdagoat19784d ago

Only one on the list that was Horrible was the Powerglove

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