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User Review : Killzone 3

  • Awesome Multiplayer
  • Melee Attacks
  • Melee Attacks
  • Bad Story
  • Shotgun Overpower
  • Some Glitches In Multiplayer

Game Review: Killzone 3

Basic Info:

Killzone 3 is a First Person Shooter game developed by Guerrilla Games and publish by Sony the game was release on February 22, 2011 exclusive for the Playstation 3 Console.


The game did not do so good on the Reviews as people where expecting the game to do. IGN gave the game an 8.5 which in my opinion is BS the game deserve a better score. Gamespot also gave it an 8.5 those 2 websites are mainly the ones i visit for game reviews. Am not really happy with the reviews the game has gotten, but at the end is just their opinion and everyone has different taste in games.


The Killzone 3 story was a big let down for me, because it was predictable. One of the reasons is that you start out the game in the Helghast planet dressed up like a Helghast so that gives you a hint that in the game the 2 main characters are going to stay alive in the game. Another reason is that in the start your on a rescue mission to save Narville (Your Captain) that is about to get killed by you the Helghast Assassin and then you reveal your self to be Sev (Main Character) and the cut scene ends there. The story takes you back to the end of Killzone 2 that puts you in a evacuation mission to leave the planet, after completing your missions Rico (Your Partner) gets left behind and 6 months pass and you finally start the Killzone 3 story. Narville and Sev get capture by the Helghast and then Rico comes back and saves Sev, but Narville gets taken to the Helghan planet. The rest of the game is just Sev and Rico saving Narville and killing the bad guy. The ending leaves you with a chance that there is going to be a Killzone 4.


Environments: Land, Snow, Forest, Space, Spaceships , Space Stations are just some of the incredible places where battles take place and to me that is more than enough.

Weapons: There are many weapons on this game from Shotgun Pistols to crazy Heavy Machine Guns if you played Killzone 2 you will be related to the controls of the game, but if you are a first time Killzone player trust me when i say that you are going to complain about how the weapons and controls work.

Movement: Like i mention before if you played any Killzone game you know that the movement is heavy and different from other FPS games. That is one thing that i love about Killzone the way you feel as your running and doing Melee attacks. The game gives you the feeling of you actually being there is what am trying to say.

Melee Attacks: The new Melee Attack system is awesome another thing i love in this game running up to an enemy and clicking the R3 button and sticking a knife in there chest or eyes is freaking amazing. In single player you gave environment Melee Attacks where you click the R3 and you kick of punch a Helghast into a wall and finish him off with a Knife to the neck or eye.


Graphics: The game has amazing graphics from the facial expressions to how the environments look everything is so detail. Sometimes while playing the game i actually felt like i was inside the game.

Sound: The ISA giving you orders of what to do next or the Helghast screaming "Frag" when ever you launch a grenade is fun to here them talk to each other and also giving orders between each other. Explosions and bullets all sound so real when you have a good surround system in your house.

Amazing multiplayer some people might say that is horrible compare to Killzone 2 and i say to those people shut up and go play something else if you don't like it. IMO this is the best Multiplayer FPS experience i have ever had other than the amazing Battlefield Bad Company.

Match Types: There are 3 different type of matches for the Multiplayer of Killzone 3 and those are Guerrilla Warfare which basically is Team Dead Match ISA vs Helghast. Warzone takes you trough 7 different objectives and the faction with the most wins at the end of the round wins the match. Operations is an Objective Only match. I enjoy playing Warzone the most because you get the feeling of playing Warfare and Operations.

Ranks: There are a total of 45 Ranks of Killzone 3 and is very hard to get to the top i my self am 14 at the moment. Killing people doing objectives and basically anything you do on Multiplayer gives you XP which is transferred into Ranks.

Class Unlocks: There are 5 different classes Engineer, Marksman, Tactician, Infiltrator, Field Medic each of these classes has it own good use and each are different to manage some might have the ability to revive team mates others capture Spawn Points most of them have different weapons. Is very fun to mix your gameplay with all the classes and unlocking new weapons and abilities as you Rank up.

Abilities: You unlock as you Rank up and some of them might be use full and some not like the Extra Ammo and Armor or Secondary Weapon the one that i think is lame is Silent Foot Steps, but some people might find that useful.

Clans/Squads: Make your team and play with the every where you go challenge other clans to see who is better and prove that you are the best creating a clan is easy keeping it is the hard part.
You see a friend playing killzone invite him into a squad and play a couple of rounds and help each other beat the opposite faction.


There is only one DLC at the moment and is the Retro Map pack that offers 2 of the best maps from Killzone 2 all for the price of 4.99. I have the Maps, but i rarely use them.


The game is incredible and if you missed buying it on release day the chance to enter one of the best FPS Experiences you will ever have is now. Graphics look amazing, Sound is Incredible, Environments look amazing, the New Melee Kills makes the game unique to other FPS, Story is not so good, but it still does not take much from the game, Multiplayer is amazing i can't stop playing am addicted. Overall Killzone 3 is one of the best games i have played and i don't regret spending 60+ Dollars on my purchase.

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Kingdom Come3588d ago

Terrible review, Firstly, three 10's and two 9's shouldn't overall result in a 9.0. Secondly, if the game doesn't recieve a perfect score, there must be nagatives, yet you've only listed "Ups". And finally whilst I very much believe in personal opinion, the game felt very much "Killzone 2.5" and is in no way deserving of such a high score, somewhere in the 7 or 8 boundry sounds about right.

TBM3588d ago

Man leave him alone if he loved it and felt its a 9 big woop deal with it.

For me I love this series and after finishing the game id give it a 10 personally just balls out action from start to finish.

Nate-Dog3588d ago

You may say the game doesn't deserve such a high score, but this isn't your review and if GamerRKO thinks it deserves a 9 it's his choice.

Personally I haven't found much enjoyment from the game. I was looking forward to it for a good while but it never really seemed like it was much different from the other collection of FPSs out there at the moment. Traded it in today at almost a profit from what I paid so I'm not complaining. ^_^

AntiHeroComplex3587d ago

almost a profit sounds like a loss.

Nate-Dog3587d ago

Well I paid €60 for KZ3 plus the Green controller. You could say they were €30 each or that the controller was more (which it is here). I got €32 for KZ3 so yeah.

LoneWanderer093588d ago

Thanks for your opinion, but is not an overall score am just giving a score on each of the categories that the Review tells me to give it and i forgot to add the *Downs*.

BiggCMan3588d ago

Yea that guy was a little harsh, but what can you do. The only thing I want to say about this review is that you said Killzone 3 didn't do so well with reviews. It has in fact an average of 84 according to Metacritic, an extremely respectable score. Remember, a game doesn't need to score above 95 to be amazing. 84 is very good, and its only fanboys that really wouldn't think so. I'll leave my personal opinion on the game out though.

Aussiegamer3588d ago

@kingdom come whats your freaking problem man? This guy has gone to a lot of effort to write a review and its his opinion so stfu. Serious I would love to come into your workplace (if you had one, your more like a 15 year old hater) and tell you that your work was a pos.

On the review good job man, and I loved kz3 heaps too, finished sp on normal and elite. Also still smashing heaps of multi. Add me on psn if ya want, just pm me about it.

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Kon3588d ago (Edited 3588d ago )

Nope, there must be something wrong. Score is too low.