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User Review : Killzone 3

  • Very intense, engaging and immersive FPS experience
  • Smooth and responsive controls great weapons feel
  • Rich multiplayer with different classes and very well-designed maps
  • There are no elements that make you explore the map more deeply (like K2 emblems, for example)
  • Some of the scenes aren't too well connected
  • No more possible to create a custom mixed class (online)

An unbiased review of Killzone 3

I have played many if not all FPS released so far on both PS3 and XBOX360 (and many on the PC as well) and I appreciate each one peculiarities and features; now it’s Killzone 3’s turn.

All those who played Killzone 2 know what the PS3 series is mostly about: an extremely involving and immersive experience. Killzone really drags you into its world, it’s so well done it feels real, on every aspect; the player feels completely absorbed in an unwelcoming environment fighting against the red eyed Helgast (even though it’s actually the helmet that features red lights, the Helgast aren’t very alien-looking themselves).
Killzone is renowned for its awesome graphic but the most important part of it is the complex and evolved world/environment that really makes the player feel into the battlefield, the design it’s solid, it’s believable and there’s always something to look at, one can really see how much work went into building all this: from palette to models to level building. It’s great graphic and artistic direction at 360°, not just a showcase, it’s got life and soul.
Brilliant lighting and effects enhance the mood and atmosphere which become palpable, the soldiers runs, shoots and fight from both sides and there is always something coming from the sky . The excellent sound makes the player feel the world is living and moving (or rather fighting) around him/her, the voices are also very good and expressive.

Killzone is an FPS and an excellent one, in fact even though it doesn’t really put everything particularly new on the table it can definitely be considered one of the very best.
Among the features that should be mentioned there certainly are a great sense of movement, a very good cover system, multiple and different weapons, mech vehicles, jetpacks (that really give you the idea of moving in the air) and a varied gameplay with action-packed scenes as well as stealth ones.
It really is a game that makes you want to go on and enter the next scene to see what you’ll have to do and see how thins evolve.

The storyline is interesting and well built, it can’t be defined brilliant, in fact it’s a quite typical war scenario but it’s certainly believable as are the characters you play and meet throughout the game.
All of them, being ISA or Helgast have their own characteristics and their way of looking at the world, something that is shows through their action and which is especially highlighted during the cut-scenes.
The Cut-scenes themselves are extremely high-quality and work quite well to show the player what’s happening behind the scenes and offering him/her a different or deeper perspective about what’s going on and why certainly things are happening. They give the player the background of the story and of his/her actions as Sev, the character you play.
On the negative side, sometimes there’s not a perfect connection between the scenes, for example you may look at your character jumping over a fence and in the following scene he’s following down the slope... sometimes a bit of connection is missing but it’s just a few, minor occurrences and nothing that can really makes you feel estranged.

The character weight feel has been made milder compared to Killzone 2 but it still feels quite realistic (for those that can’t stand characters moving “on rails” as I do, this a game for you!), animations are always excellent and well balanced both in game and in the cut-scene, they may not always be movie-like quality but almost there, actually.
The controls are polished and precise, feel very natural and are definitely among the best for an FPS.
You will also appreciate how the various weapons behave as this is also an aspect that was carefully taken care of, aiming, the weapons spread, its range and everything related feels good and quite different depending on the weapon you’re using, which is something quite meaningful in a shooter.
In K3 the player will also have the chance to use both the Exo (mech) and jetpacks, these new experiences are up to par with the rest of the game as far as animation and the feel you get are concerned. The models are very well done, built in a believable way and move very nicely. This kind of scenes also positively break the pace of the game.
Both Exo and Jetpacks are also available in a couple of multiplayers maps and it’s definitely something new and to be experienced.

The IA is pretty good and you won’t see any enemy rushing at you to get killed easily, they go into cover most of the time, shoot from cover and try to flank you. They patrol, shot and launch grenades. Enemies have a good knowledge of the map and exploit the covers and move around your covers to catch you from the back or from an advantaged position.
I also had an enemy shooting at me from a very long distance and through a sort of fence, I thought I had left him quite behind but he was still trying to put me down, even though I was on another part of the map.
At higher difficulties playing Rambo won’t make you go very far and you actually have to carefully plan your way and tactic, you have to exploit the cover system, understand where all the enemies are to fine-tune your strategy and choose the best weapon to confront the different enemies.
Luckily there’s never much shortage of ammunition, in fact there’s an abundance of them but that’s something you’re going to need, especially at higher difficulty and this also allows you to play with all the different weapons available.

Speaking of graphic it can really be labelled as “superior” and not just for the quality, that only a few games are able to share (God of War 3, Uncharted 2) but for the level building and design. This is one of those games whose places you will really remember for a long time, both as far as the single player and the multiplayer modes are concerned.
The maps are intricate and complex yet they are iconic: it’s not like there’s a lot of stuff put together, they are carefully planned, built on different levels to support different strategies.
There really are just a few games that feature the same richness of environment K3 has: the sheer amount of models, of items you find around you and the complexity of every piece, of every room/environment you visit it’s luscious and magnificent, a real feast for the eyes.
The variety is also great, with different palettes for different environments to strongly characterize them, yet there’s also a strong global direction that makes every different scenario part of an organic whole.
It’s also just fair to point out the very high quality of textures which looks great from up-close (you may find some low-res ones but, seriously, it’s probably not even 5% of the global).

As for the characters, their design is rich and detailed, for all of them. The designs of the armours and mechs/robots is rich, peculiar and believable, it’s just beautiful. It is also very distinctive especially as far as the enemies are concerned, melee soldiers and snipers, for example, clearly pertain to the same army but apart from the general feeling they share very little if anything.
There’s a clear artistic direction but a variety and richness that are really mind-blowing.
Really, after a while you get used to the quality and detail of the graphic but try to switch to a different game and then get back to it and you’ll realize about it!

As far as the multiplayer experience is concerned it certainly has been greatly polished and now can really be considered well rounded. Playing with your buddies is immediate and flawless, personally, it’s the game I’ve had less problems about this that I’ve played. You also remain in team together after leaving a game, which is something not many online FPS feature and which is really handy.
Killzone multiplayer maps (both K2 and K3) are among the best you can ever play with a complex design, the same complexity and detail featured in the single player campaign. They’re always developed on multiple levels, at least two, usually more which means there are many different routes and strategies that can be exploited and actually depending on which class you’re playing you can take advantage of the different map features.
This truly helps make every game different and gives you a big sense of satisfaction ones you start to know
them better.

There are five different classes with their own peculiarities, weapons and possible playing styles (weapons and abilities are unlocked as you progress and gain levels). The only thing that’s missing from K2 is that you were able to make a mix of two classes creating an hybrid one with your favourite features, that was something I loved.
A peculiarity that I very much enjoy is that each class has a different impact on the world which means that the outcome of games can heavily depend on what classes players choose and on whether the teams are balanced or not for the kind of game they are playing. For example, if there are no engineer then no one is going to repair ammo crates and players won’t be able to have addition ammunitions, that’s something really meaningful and something I deeply appreciate of Killzone.
There are 3 different game types available: Guerrilla Warzone (team deatchmatch), Warzone (tasks-driven) and Operations (progressive maps in 3 stages where ISA attacks and Helgasts defend) which are quite different in terms of gameplay, strategies and “frenzy”.
There are also different maps for the different game types available, the Guerrilla Warzone ones, for example, are by and large smaller but overall there’s a very good variety of maps, they are very different both in terms of graphic and level design and extremely well done on every aspect.

Clearly Killzone 3 doesn’t bring anything particularly new to the genre but as an FPS experience is very involving, it’s an exceptional experience and can’t be missed by those that enjoy this style of gaming; it’s certainly one if the not the best FPS experiences currently available.
My suggestion to play it applies especially to those that look for a cinematic, involving experience that features a good challenge and a realistic world.

To sum up:
- all mechs and vehicles feature a strong, believable and extremely beautiful design and excellent animations
- deep sense of involvement, very immersive
- good gameplay variety
- the story is good enough, not the best you may experience but not bad either, one can either appreciate it or not, still the characters and storyline are believable and interesting
- excellent IA
- best controls and precision for an FPS
- extremely stable frame-rate, always smooth
- graphically superior to everything (and if you’re thinking about Crysis, that is a showcase of effects and large textures more than great graphic)
- excellent audio effects
- excellent voices and dubbing
- excellent armours design, peculiar and believable
- very engaging multiplayer
- too many commonplaces in the story? Maybe no one watches action movies anymore!

My vote doesn't take in consideration just the visual quality of the game but the design and artistry of the environment, characters and all other elements such as the vehicles. The environment are very complex and detailed; they are also very varied. The textures are high quality and sharpen.
Excellent sounds that surrounds the player and makes him/her feel even more into a living (fighting) world.
Smooth and well-rounded. Excellent cover system, excellent feel with all the different weapons. Advanced AI and many different enemies to approach in different ways.
Fun Factor
An engaging game that drives you to go on and explore the next chapter
Excellent online with various and engaging play modes. Five different classes with unlockable abilities and that have an impact on the world and therefore the games. Varied and complex maps to explore on many levels. Smooth party system and matchmaking.
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Tachyon_Nova3602d ago

I personally wouldn't rate the graphics higher than an 8. There is so much aliasing, and it gets blured really badly when it's in front of or behind smoke for example. I also think that the environments are overly busy which makes it hard to find enemies especially given that everything is still so dull and relatively monochrome (the forest for example only has red and gold in the way of vibrancy.

The AI I think is below par. It's interesting that you say that you'll never have an enemy run right at you without using cover, because that's exactly what one type of enemies does (the ones with only knives). The AI both friendly and enemy also have sloppy and slow path finding from my experience.

I haven't found the combat engaging to be honest, the mech things especially jolt around too much which gives me a headache. The fact that it all the weapons combat essentially revolves around waiting for the enemy to pop out of cover just doesn't do it for me.

Just my thoughts. I've only played for about an hour so far (over three sessions because I got bored and went to play the C2 demo), so there's achance it'll get better. I got over KZs multiplayer during the demo, it's too unbalanced and frustrating. May check it out once the patch some of the many issues I had with it from the demo.

Aery3602d ago

Sorry, but your complain are not only a pure "my thoughts" because don't reflect the truth.
There is so much aliasing ? This is not true. There are only minor problems with the smoke and other effect.
Everything is monochrome and dull ? Probably you prefer more cartoonish style or strong contrast like Enslaved or most of the Unreal Engine game.

The other opinion you have are based on only 1 hour of game, so I cant take in consideration.
MOST of the enemy try to find a cover and flank, or stand in their position. The guys with shotgun try to close the distance for a better result, same for the enemy with the flamethrower. The hand to hand enemy is a type of troop that reach you really fast, so their "function" is that. Run straight to you and try to kill you with a single blow.

Probably you play in a medium/low difficulty and most of the game express their true potential at the high difficulty.

Unbalanced MP ?
I play ALL classes and there is no class better than another, but there are classes that fits better to your style and/or the map you play.

I have nothing against you, but let me say again most of your opinion don't reflect the truth.

Tachyon_Nova3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

No, I really dislike the graphics in Enslaved. They decided to combat the typical next-gen grey, grey and more grey syndrome by instead making everything green, and I find it an ugly look. I much prefer very realistically styled graphics like Heavy Rain, Crysis, Gran Turismo, Battlefield, Medal of Honor etc because they are so much cleaner and crisper as far as I'm concerned.

There really is a lot of aliasing in Killzone 3, a lot more than there was in KZ2 from memory, perhaps more than I've seen from any game other than CoD. Perhaps I should mention that the game also has a lot of rendering issues. For example lighting flicker, texture flicker, object flicker, etc
I'm aware that most of the enemies do use cover, as I made clear when I said that most of the combat (and I know this is true) is a wait for the enemies head to pop up afair.

I'm also aware that the point of the hand to hand enemy is to rush you. But that doesn't excuse the fact that they are dumb. They could easily stick behind cover and then speedily vault it as they get to it in many occasions during the game, yet they just run straight into open ground allowing them to be picked off before they pose a risk on their way to you.

I have never played a game on low difficulty in my life, and I'm insulted that someone would suggest that I would.

The MP is definetly unbalanced. Just because each class is as good as each other doesn't make the game balanced. For example, Infiltrator is down right a bad idea because it means you are constantly having to actively check if someone is actually an enemy. The cloak is too perfect allowing people to camp in door ways. I could go on, but I can't be bothered. What I'm saying is, is that overall the classes may be balanced, but each classes perks lead to unfair advantages in many situations which then leads to cheap deaths.

achira3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

sorry total BS. the picture in kz3 is far more clearer and there is far less aliasing in kz3 then kz2. i have tried for this purpose kz2 again. and its a day night difference. come on you can troll better!

kz3 has the clearest picture of all console games ! its really sharp and the textrures are brilliant. and this is clearly because of MLAA which is really an advancement to other games which dont use it.

and MP ist really good balanced. because every class has its strengths. you realise it very fast when you spend some hours with the online part. at first you think, wow the medic is overpowered. then you choose the tactican and you realise, that its not true, because each class has its strength and is capable to neutralize another class.

i think honestly this is the best ego shooter ever ! and ppl who believe such trolls like this one above miss one of the best games.

edit: comment to cheap deaths. is this a joke ? you can play as infiltrator also ! there is no cheap death, because you can play every class yourself. you decide. total BS argumentation and you are really searching for flaws which are not flaws.

otheway it would not be possible to make classes at all, because there will ever be differences !
i stand to my opinien the MP is really balanced. and only ppl who cant play and perhaps didnt even play complain about it.

Aery3602d ago

Well, everything is different if you say : I prefer a game looks like Crysis, Medal, Battlefield etc, because this is your taste and I respect it, but for sure saying Kz3 have dull and monochrome graphics is not true.

For the rest of your reply you confirm what you already said, so I don't need to reply again.

About the difficulty this is one point for you and I agree.
Playing the game in easy/normal means you miss the real fun/challenge of the game.
But this is my (and probably) your opinion :)

pupa3601d ago

Yeah, from this post it's very clear that you are a Hallow candidate. You prefer cartoonish games thats easy to score in to match your standards and abilities instead of playing a game with superb realism where you have to work to improve your abilities. Shame on you, you play an hour and come claim that you are an ex-spert? Indeed!

Tachyon_Nova3601d ago

Really, it's clear that I like Cartoonish games?

My favourite games ever are Crysis, Gran Turismo, Battlefield series and others like that, and I also really enjoy games like ARMA2 and Op Flashpoint.

@ Achira 1.1.2 - I certainly have played the online, for about 7 hours during the demo. I enjoyed it for about 4 hours (after which my K/D was about 1.6), but I found the last three hours painful and repetitive (my lack of focus caused my k/d to drop to about 1.4

The MLAA doesn't work well, as it causes huge blur against smoke effects and yet there is still a lot of aliasing.

Stewie2k83601d ago

I love the game! but i agree with you on the mechs, they give me a headache too, especially when you try aim online and theres too many explosions. -_-

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PROJECTbadass3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

" Smooth party system and matchmaking."
"As far as the multiplayer experience is concerned it certainly has been greatly polished and now can really be considered well rounded."

seriously??? i dont want to type some long story, so i will give you a couple threads to start you off. after you check these threads, you should take a look around the forums and see the rest of the problems people are having.



SweetIvy3601d ago

Well, that's based on my experience and I haven't had any trouble with K3 (and regardless of the issues someone may be having, K3 matchmaking is a serious improvement over K2, if you played it, you'd know).

On the other hand I did experience many issued in the past with team and matchmaking, so I know what it means (and I usually experience it).
AC Brotherhood is a nightmare for me, it takes half an hour to join a match as a team, when I'm finally able to do it.

In both COD and Battlefield I always had the biggest trouble getting a UK friend in my team, it takes several tries and the list can go on.

The truth is, there will always be someone that had trouble with the online, I'm not sure how many are experiencing problems in K3, anyway, the team and matchmaking has been greatly improved from K2, that's a fact and, personally, it's the smoothest experience I've had.

Perhaps this time I got lucky but because some people are experiencing problems you can't imply it's a flawed system :).

pupa3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Rather say if a person are unable to play professional games due to the lack of their own abilities then its their problem and they should not blame the game under discussion.

PROJECTbadass3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

"Rather say if a person are unable to play professional games due to the lack of their own abilities then its their problem and they should not blame the game under discussion."

i dont even know how to reply to that other than just laugh.

"K3 matchmaking is a serious improvement over K2, if you played it, you'd know). "

so now matchmaking is better than dedicated servers??? i guess you enjoy the dlc map loop or the constant 10 on 3 matches.i have heard every flip flop now. kz3's matchmaking is the most broken part of the online. GO READ THE FORUMS!!!! i want kz3 to be great, but its just not good enough right now. blindly defending the game does nothing but hurt it. if the matchmaking wasnt broken gg wouldnt be patching the game like they are. you might be doing ok with matchmaking, but A LOT of people are having gamebreaking problems.

i know quite a few people who have never encountered any of the CoD problems people constantly complain about. i dont play it much, but when i do, i dont have the "gamebreaking problems" i hear all about. does that mean they dont exist????

kz2 was the reason i bought a ps3. i played well over 100 hours of kz2. if i could bring up my profile i would, but the kz website is down atm.

its just like fanboys to say "your not good enough" or "have never played" to a negative opinion on an exclusive.

pupa3601d ago

Well the site is not down for me. please give me your iD and I will check!

SweetIvy3601d ago

Listen, if you played K2 you must remember how much the matchmaking was flawed and NOT because of bugs to be fixed (every online game has them) but because how the system had been programmed.

K3 matchmaking is better heaps and bounds, how can you say it isn't?
Oh, by the way, yes I've experience the map loop and that's something that need to be addressed for sure but it's actually that didn't affect my experience at all and definitely not significantly :).

Aery3601d ago

ALL games are constantly update and a forum IS NOT the opinion of ALL players and usually people post for problems, not to say everything going fine. I was in various beta and I read lots of forums and there are ALWAYS people who have any kind of problems.

You and other 1000 people have problems with Kz3 ?
I'm afraid for you, this time it's not my turn and for ME and ALL my friends there is no problem at all with the online.

Please, don't think your opinion it's better or you are right over anybody, thanks.

joab7773601d ago

I am huge fan of k3, not because of bias, but because of the product. I cannot give it a score quite that high because i believe the review scales have shifted to reflect a desire for newness. Also, the story is lacking a little, and the campaign could have been longer. While i loved it, it didn't sit perfectly w me. That being said, if u want to know how good the graphics are, the level of detail, play black ops for an hour and then killzone. It doesn't rely on generic urban buildings. There is living, breathing, detail everywhere. And the lighting is years ahead. To me, it is the most immersive MP to date. The sound, the weapons feel, the graphics, and the brutal nature are unparalleled. Unfortunately, it is a ps3 exclusive and that hurts...alot to so many ppl. Homefront released today and i can guarantee that its quality isn't near that of k3, but it will get alot of love. But, i love ur review because it does reflect the truth more than many reviewers out there. I give it a 9-9.25, if not simply for the MP experience.

Aery3601d ago

Nice comment, really. Honest and balanced and I mostly agree with you. We need more comments like your !

joab7773601d ago

Thanks. I do admit that there are games that catch my eye and heart pre-launch. It may cause me to root for its success. But, i find that its these games that i am less patient w if the product is sub par. K3 is such a game, and while i wish i could have written the script myself, no one can deny the level of Polish that exists. Few, if any games to date, have such a refinement to them. And, for me personally, immersion is very important in MP. I don't last long w online games that appear to b early console cycle.

SweetIvy3601d ago

Thanks a lot.
I did have great expectation for K3 myself but that was mostly based on K2.
As you say, K3 environments really have that detail that makes the plausible, someone may find them busy but the real world is busy. A "plain" map where you can easily spot enemies, where's the challenge in that?
I really like to look around to spot enemies or hide somewhere to wait for the best timing for a melee and things like to, to me, this adds tactic to the game.

TheColbertinator3601d ago

Why is everyone that claims they are unbiased so biased?

I'm biased against crappy games,Microsoft and Sony.Deal with it.

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