Why You Should Get Xbox Game Pass

The new titles being added to Xbox Game Pass in early April 2023.

Game passes are all the rage these days, with most major consoles having Game Pass subscriptions available to their customers. Xbox is no different, offering its game pass service with a large selection of games, new and old.

Players may question if these passes are worth it, but we’re here to tell you that they are. As a user of Xbox Game Pass, I have gotten a ton of use out of the program, and the amount of money I’ve saved doesn’t hurt either. We’ll go over what it is, how much it costs, and why you should get it.

What Is the Xbox Game Pass?

Game passes such as Xbox Game Pass are paid subscriptions that give you access to a large, ever-changing library of games. Games are added and taken down from the pass over time, although most games stay on the pass for at least a year.

Anyone subscribed to Xbox Game Pass can download any games included with the subscription, no questions asked.

If a game that you have downloaded leaves Game Pass you will no longer be able to play it, but you can choose to purchase it, usually at a discount.

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How Much Does the Xbox Game Pass Cost?

When first getting a Game Pass the first thing to be looked at is the cost. Xbox Games Pass costs $9.99 per month, or $14.99 if getting the Ultimate Edition Games Pass.

Is Xbox Game Pass Worth the Cost?

Immediately, yes.

Microsoft does a great job of including solid new titles in the Game Pass that would cost $60 or more otherwise. For me, it was Forza Horizon 5. Maybe you want to give Pentiment a try, or maybe Redfall on the day of release. These games were and will be included and available from day one, meaning that if you were ever planning on trying one of these games, you may as well get the pass.

Microsoft also does a great job of adding content that may not necessarily be new, or that belongs to other third-party publishers. Loop Hero, published by Devolver Digital, is a personal favorite of mine that was added to the pass. Same with Death’s Door, and Citizen Sleeper. The content available is varied, and you’re guaranteed to find titles you didn’t expect as part of the service.

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For those that have both an Xbox and PC, there are even more benefits. The Ultimate Game Pass allows unlimited downloads on both console and PC, meaning whatever games you see you can play in whatever format you prefer. If you prefer playing puzzle games with a mouse and keyboard but want to play FPS games on Xbox with your friends, this pass has you covered.

Overall, the Xbox Game Pass is a fantastic product. Players get access to tons of titles, many on the day of release, for much less than they would have to pay otherwise. Throw in a handful of other goodies, like Xbox Game Pass subscriber-only bonuses, and there’s no reason not to subscribe.


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