Is Minecraft Legends on Game Pass?

The cover image for the game Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends, the action/strategy game building on the world of Minecraft, looks to be one of the biggest Minecraft releases players have seen in a while. With a more directed narrative and a unique combination of player combat and managing an army of allies, Minecraft Legends is something truly unique in the Minecraft universe.

Minecraft and its related titles have been very accessible, releasing on most consoles, but one more question remains for players looking to dive in as soon as the game releases. Will Minecraft Legends be on Xbox Game Pass?

Will Minecraft Legends Be Available on Xbox Game Pass?

Yes, Minecraft Legends will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Players on both Xbox and PC will have access to the title as soon as it releases on April 18, 2023.

Xbox Game Pass can be a hard medium to track, as games are constantly being added and leaving the service. Many are added the day the game releases, as is the case with Minecraft Legends. As long as players are paying for the Xbox Game Pass subscription, they will have access to this title. Players can still purchase the title through the Xbox Store if they would like, as this will guarantee players can continue to enjoy the title if it were to ever leave the service.

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When Will Minecraft Legends Leave Xbox Game Pass?

There is no set date for when or if Minecraft Legends will ever be leaving Game Pass, so players shouldn’t worry. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft, the owner of Xbox, so it is possible that Minecraft Legends will remain on the Xbox Game Pass forever. Players who can’t jump in on day one can take their time, as they will most likely have all the time they need to play the game.

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