Valorant Map Trailer Opens up a Door to a Possible New Agent

Valorant Agents Neon, Sage and Jett

With the new patch and the new map arriving very soon, players are reviewing everything they know so far. Abyss, the new map, has been at the center of everyone’s attention since the moment the players found out its name. The main source for investigative fans is the official Abyss trailer. Rumors are going around the Valorant community that a new Agent made an appearance in the trailer for the map.

The Hype About the New Agent Starts With the Trailer for a Map

On June 9, the official Valorant account on X shared the trailer, captioned: “Gaze into the Abyss”. A peculiar detail captivated the players. In the final seconds of the trailer, someone can be seen in an hourglass-shaped chamber. A swift hand movement might indicate that someone is ready to join the others. As expected, it had fans raving about it in no time.

A mysterious hand of a possible new Agent in Valorant trailer
Screenshot by N4G Unlocked via Valorant YouTube

AdElectronic3988 shared: “I find it cool how they are trapped in what looks like an hourglass window first off, and it looks as is it’s filled with either smoke, or it’s frozen on the inside and once the bullet hit the glass, the frost smoke/ mist comes out”. They elaborated on their theory: “Maybe they were kidnapped by said villains Clove, Omen, and ISO were fighting the whole time while they were there. Could they be trapped in an hourglass because they are “frozen in time” and would make even more sense to have an ice-related character”.

Others pointed out that the developers never release a new map and a new Agent at the same time, or rather in the same episode. But, the map is being released before the new episode, so maybe the players will be lucky enough to get both in a short period of time. We’ll find out soon enough.

Valorant Players Are Divided Over the New Map Design

The map reviews are in, as well. -_Rox_- said: “In my honest opinion, I believe the map will be super fun and I think some Agents will definitely be excelling at this map (think Cypher trips, Breach ult, etc) and it’ll make for some great plays”.

IIIDzire added: “I don’t know what it is, but somehow it gives me this very unique vibe. Like it’s a map from a different game ported into Val and it’s like a breath of fresh air. The only somewhat negative thing is how the map does look very similar on every part of the map”.

Luvatris shared: “Unpopular opinion, but I think this map will replace breeze in terms of hate. The map is so big that Orb smokers, Initiators, and Sentinels can’t do s**t. You can accidentally fall off from map (which will be common) and it’s so easy to flank”. Yes, that’s another interesting detail. The map is limitless. All the clumsy players, ourselves included, will fall to their demise repeatedly.

Just by watching the trailer, Valorant players are bound to enjoy the new map and maybe a new Agent in the future. With a couple of more hours to go, we are pumped. It’s going to be so much fun. Hopefully, we’ll see you there.


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