The First Descendant Community Wants to Get Rid of AFK Players

If you’ve played The First Descendant recently, you’ve probably encountered several AFK (away from keyboard) players. Their inactivity and lack of contribution probably annoyed you very much. This seems to have grown into a big problem, as The First Descendant community is changing its stance on its vote to kick policy in order to get rid of AFK players.

Is Vote to Kick the Best Way to Deal With AFK Players?

One devoted player, 2Board_, shared how AFK players have ruined the game. They said: “Originally I’m opposed to a vote kick. It can be easily abused and typically a solid AFK kick system tends to do the job. But after farming for Blair components all day I changed my mind. Make a vote kick option because holy f**k are there so many AFKing leechers”.

This player added: “Almost one every single run. They also slightly move every now and then or shoot randomly once, so they don’t get AFK timed out. I get the Story Dungeons are long and tedious, but it would be 200x faster if you helped out, instead of AFKing”.

Gloomy_Drop_130 agreed: “I know a lot of people have complained already, but damn this is really starting to pi** me off it’s every game I’m getting AFK people. As much as I want to leave I need to farm myself. They need to add a kick for inactivity”.

Several players offered some sage advice on how to deal with AFK players. Nplss has a very simple routine for when they see an inactive player. They shared: “If you see an AFK, just leave that instance and leave their a** there. No penalty for leaving and the queues are fast”.

Leather_Mission_6040 added: “Or be like me and force-fail the mission and re-queue. I do the same in zones when someone with a level 1 character is trying to get carried through Hagios/Fortress missions. Sorry, I’m not getting bogged down because you literally can’t get touched by any mobs without going down”.

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A Part of The First Descendant Community Offers Alternatives

Obviously, not everyone thinks that simply adding the ability to kick someone out is a good idea. Relative_Brain415 said: “VtK can be very toxic for any game. Especially of this genre in the late game where you get kicked for simply not min-maxing or not having the meta builds. Not to mention the game itself and also players abusing this feature will lead to an annoying experience”.

They added: “In TFD you could add a mob that spawns for players who are X range away from the team and the mob would include a variety that will force them to move and play. Once defeated, a different mob could spawn X time later if they still don’t meet the range”.

Another player, kuweiyox, said: “The answer is just implementing a proper working AFK timer. If a player isn’t actively participating in the fight or mechanics, they should be removed and all rewards forfeited. Start over. This shouldn’t even be debatable at this point”.

As annoying as AFK players are, we’d say that adding a vote to kick to The First Descendant or any other game would get abused. With that said, the developers should really look into solving this annoying issue. No one should be forced to work for others, not Bunny, nor Ajax, not even Lepic. Everyone deserves to play in the same conditions. We hope you won’t experience this problem for much longer.


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