New Lore Video Causes Mayhem Among The Finals Players

Vegas map in The Finals

If you are a fan of The Finals, you already know how the developers like to tease their community. A teaser trailer for Season 3 left players speechless. Now, The Finals developers released a new lore video making dedicated players run wild over all the possibilities. The short trailer lasts only 35 seconds which is more than enough time for fans to dissect every part of it.

Fans Try to Decode the Lore Video

One Redditor, Kultavi, noticed: “For the first time you can hear that Scotty and June are worried, in all previous videos they sounded like they were sure that this will disappear relatively quickly. This is getting interesting”. This realization only produced more questions. What’s going on with the co-hosts?
OverIyAmbitious asked: “Are our co-hosts evil? I’ve seen under the Monaco crane behind a destructible wall a message that says “S Lies” and the only S I know is Scotty”. Thankfully, there are many fans much more acquainted with the lore, ready to explain.
One of them, AndrewFrozzen30, suggested that S might have been from one of the sponsors. They added: “But Co-hosts are evil if we go by the lore. The Finals is just a way to train soldiers that will be made into the Robots from ARC Raiders. So the whole organization of The Finals with all of its sponsors is evil”.
DonTuxedo reminded everyone that the CEO of OSPUZE was Sofia Petronelle and the CEO of VAIIYA was Sal Scoria. Both names started with an S. They elaborated: “My money is on Sal Scoria, not only because of the double S but also because VAIIYA has just been pitted directly against CNS in the terminal attack. Sal could easily be a double agent for CNS and how they got in. It’s unlikely Sofia would have access to the core workings of the game, but as the security contractor, Sal would”.

Screenshot of Flowerpot in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Where Will The Finals Take Us?

The final two lines have made the biggest impact. “It can’t stop us”. “It can take us anywhere”. As you might have guessed by now, fans were full of wishes for new maps. DonTuxedo said: “Are we getting a moon or space map? Maybe back in time to some historical settings?”. VanguardVeteran guessed: “Did you say feudal Japan?”.
TheWhistlerIII explained: “They mentioned a while back that the virtual arena setting was fun for them because they could make maps of any place from any time. If it’s fun for them, it’s going to be fun for us”. Another fan, Adamaxius, added: “I’ve asked for a beautiful nature-themed season 3 and a space-themed season 4; from grounded to the opposite”.
Overall, everyone in The Finals community is super hyped. In only 35 seconds, the developers managed to put in so many details. We are sure that even the most dedicated fans haven’t found all the Easter eggs yet. Season 3 of The Finals is coming soon, players will have to wait a bit longer to find out whether they interpreted the lore video correctly. Until then, why not think of some new theories?


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