The Finals Fans Share Their Huge Expectations for Season 3

Screenshot during a match in The Finals

The new season of the Finals is fast approaching. The official trailer hasn’t been released yet, but an official teaser trailer is circling around social media. This teaser simply states: “Reboot required”. A simple enough statement that led hundreds of fans to disclose their expectations for the upcoming season 3 of the Finals.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (Season 3)

A Redditor, stimpy-t, was among the first ones to share what they’d heard. They said: “Not heard much. But gotta be some sort of big shake-up of ranked. Sounds like a ruby tier is being added? Not really seen any teasers, I guess the terminal attack is the removal of CNS? So maybe that map will change”.
Maps, both new and old were a common topic. lSkyrunnerl shared their wish: “Imagine S3 map being Horizon but finished (or “normal”) and the glitchy becomes a variant”. We hope the developers are reading this subreddit because that sounds amazing.
WaterWeedDuneHair69 said: “I hope for at least 2 maps. Hopefully 3. I love the game but I think more maps would help for players’ replayability”. Another player, awakeperchance, added: “It would be cool. And makes sense for the lore if Sys Horizon became a finished map with the glitch being a variant, and then also dropping one new map. Like they did a system reboot and fixed the bug. Maybe they could just reskin a lot of the glitches stuff and have it work”.
A dedicated fan, msms, disclosed: “I’m pretty sure they plan to release at least 1 new map every season. It’s also been confirmed in the recent AMA that there will be a non-CNS version of the Horizon map so there’s that to look forward to. Personally, I’d really like to see light buffed and heavy nerfed so that we can shift away from the HHM meta”.

Screenshot during a match in The Finals
Image via N4G Unlocked

Players Excited Over Infinite Possibilities

Of course, all players are looking forward to getting some new weapons and gadgets. Voice0fLight said: “Hopefully the new weapons are better than the ones we got this season. I like the FAMAS but that’s pretty much it”. Doomguy0071 confirmed: “I’d say it safe to assume new Battle Pass and gadgets but I’d really like to see new weapons as well!”
Some pessimistic Redditors insisted that the new Season would bring only nerfs and dissatisfaction. Fortunately, most of the players disagree. MasterFish19 said: “I predict they have big things ready for Season 3, just as large as the Season 2 update, if not bigger. I’m excited as hell for what they’re cooking”.
With the first two Seasons being well-thought-out, we are excited as well. Fans’ expectations for Season 3 of the Finals are through the roof at this point. Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see what the developers have in store for us.


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